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Countdown to the SFX Weekender: 7 sleeps to go

The Weekender isn't just about the stars of stage and screen - we also had authors and comedians

Back for more? Yay! We're counting down the days until the SFX Weekender 2011 with a look back at the highlights of last year.

Today we'll share a couple of pictures to remind you of the variety of guests who attended:

Toby Hadoke

That's right: book stuff and funny stuff. This year we have the likes of Terry Pratchett, Dan Abnett, Kevin J Anderson and more, including return appearances from Paul Cornell, China Miéville and others. Full listing on the site here .

Find out more about what will be happening this year either by clicking on the SFX Weekender tag on this site, or by hopping over to the organiser's homepage at . Call 08700 110034 to talk about ticket options now if you don't have yours yet. Tomorrow we'll be reminding ourselves about the panels and autograph areas.