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Could Movie Green Lantern Have A CG Suit?

Yes he could, according to

Don’t expect to see any leaked, paparazzi shots from the set of Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds wearing a green costume, reckons website . In fact, if anything expect to see him in a grey costume.

But don’t worry, comics fans, this isn’t the most radical superhero makeover yet. After all, the Grey Lantern would be silly wouldn’t it? Well, sillier than Green Lantern anyway. Nope, the reason you won’t be seeing Reynolds in costume is because, the site claims (and it boasts that it’s 150% sure about this rumour), the costume will be created using computer graphics.

Apparently, the film’s costume designer, Ngila Dickson, was given the task of creating a costume that looked startlingly unlike any superhero costume we’ve ever seen before. Well, Spandex is so ’70s, and even the leather look introduced for the X-Men movies is old hat these days. And nobody would want a return to the plastic nipples of the Schumacher Batman s. Well, apart from Schumacher, who probably still has dreams about them.

So, says the site, Reynolds will be wearing a grey motion-capture suit during shoot and the costume will be created digitally and added in later. It will be, “a manifestation of his power,” presumably meaning a creation of his alien power ring, in which case, a CG costume could actually be quite effective. Allegedly, Ryan Reynolds has been joking on set that Warner Bros is going to make him into a Na’vi when the final cut is released. Don’t be blue, mate, be green.