Comic-Con Day 3: Photo Diary

Another day, another orgasmic visual explosion of cosplay, fandom and swag. (Here'sDay 1 (opens in new tab)andDay 2 (opens in new tab)) Apologies, but we’re still very much in the thick of it on the Comic-Con 2011 showfloor, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants and will only caption picks when the mood strikes me. Cool? Cool!

Above: The hell? Is that Adrianne Curry?! Perhaps we'll see more celebrities below

Above: Link really is a dreamboat. Or possibly Claire Danes?

Above: Okay, maybe we should just give up now. It's not like the pics are gonna get any cooler than this

Above:TrueBlood's Ryan Kwanten stopped by the Future booth toautograph posters of his new movie, Griff the Invisible (opens in new tab)

Above: Adult Swim, old and new

Above: This Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D chalk drawing is really coming along

Above: The family that Mages together...

Above: So nice to see Monty Python is back together and broadcasting from the Comic-Con showfloor

Above: Carolyn hung out with Michael "Lt. Worf" Dorn

Above: Oh yeah, there's COMICS here too

Above: A glorious union of second bananas!

Above: HALT KOMBATANT! There aremore pics on the next page!