Comic-Con Day 3: Photo Diary

Above: Adventure Time x4...

Above: And why not?! A giant Jake basically presided over the entire show

Above: OurDead Island: Secret Originstrailer played in rotation on the big screen. Thousands were fortunate enough to see Mikel's epic beard.

Above: The lonliest interview ever

Above: Nintendo's suite had lovely ladies who would talk you a 3DS photo next to giant AR Cards

Above: The best thing Just Dance 3 has ever done

Above: Okay,getting thiskickass toddler in a Mario costume to best a grove IS the greatest thing Just Dance 3's ever done

Above: "The Silver Surfer grows weary of your requests for photos"

Above: Together at last!

Above: An awesome Rayman: Origins mural was practically hidden from attendees blocks away from Comic-Con

Above: South Park's main street was painstakingly recreated. And by painstakingly, I mean fairly easily with cardboard

Above: Maximum PC's Nathan Edwards chatted it up with writer David Gerrold

Above: Getting all Tingly

Above: This fella was confused and just a tad insane

Above: Castle Crashers is playably in a giant arcade cabinet

Above: Amazing Topher Grace costume

Above: NAAAAAAAAAA-na-na-na-nuh

Above: Best worst cosplay, or worst best cosplay?

Above: The Bartman: EVERYONE DO ME!

Above: Comic-Con stress pushed Brett Elston to the point of smoking, as you can see from this extremely unstaged photo

Above: Wait... My Spider Send isn't working

Above: Hi Morgan!

Above: No idea who this guy is

Jul 23, 2011