Comic-Con 09: Tron Legacy uses new Avatar 3D camera

Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski reveals he's shot the cyberspace sequel using James Cameron's very own groundbreaking 3D camera system. Only he's made it better.

"We used a brand new generation of the Pace/Cameron system developed by Vince Pace and James Cameron," says Kosinski. "I think we’re the first film to use full 35mm sensor cameras in a 3D rig."

Um, what does that mean? "It gives a stunning image," explains Kosinski. "And in 3D, it’s even more spectacular. The line between what’s real and what’s not is blurred so you can’t tell the difference."

Set in 2010 and recasting Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn ("It's Apocalypse Now and I'm like Kurtz," quipped Bridges), the Tron universe has been disconnected from the outside world for 25 years.

"But the simulation has gotten more perfect, so the scale, the realism, the physics and the visceral quality of it is all bigger," says Kosinski. "The world of Tron has evolved..."