Christopher Cantwell's Iron Man run ends in November with Iron Man #650

Iron Man #25/#650 cover
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Writer Christopher Cantwell's Iron Man run will come to its end in November with an oversized issue marking both the current series numbering of Iron Man #25, which will also bear the 'Legacy Numbering' of Iron Man #650. 

Cantwell's "thought provoking" run (as Marvel describes it) will culminate in a celebration of Iron Man Day in New York City - though the usually egotistical Tony Stark may not exactly be in the mood to celebrate himself, as he asks himself "must there be an Iron Man?".

And of course, no matter what Tony wants, he'll have to show up - Iron Man armor and all - as a "sudden crisis" calls him into action.

Cantwell's run has most recently been focused on Tony Stark's romance and potential engagement with Patsy Walker/Hellcat, having previously taken Tony into a strikingly cosmic conflict with Korvac.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Alongside Cantwell and artist Angel Unzueta's main story, Iron Man #25/#650 will feature several back up stories, starting with a tale of Iron Man searching for Thor in the Asgardian realm of Niflheim from writer Murewa Ayodele and artist Dotun Akande.

Then 'Heroes Return' era Iron Man writer Kurt Busiek will return alongside his Autumnlands collaborator, artist Benjamin Dewey, for a story set in Iron Man's past as he takes on classic villains Madame Masque and Radioactive Man.

Finally, the issue will also offer a glimpse of what's coming after Cantwell's run - but the solicitation text doesn't say.

And of course, the landmark issue is capped off with a cover from Alex Ross.

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