DC fans think they spotted Christian Bale's Batman in The Flash trailer

The Flash trailer debuted during the Super Bowl, as we got our first proper look at the new DCU movie and its multiverse shenanigans. Alongside the return of Ezra Miller as the title character, the trailer confirmed some of the big cameos, including Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne, Michael Keaton's Batman, and Michael Shannon's Zod

However, some eagle-eyed DC fans think they may have spotted another cameo as well. At the 1:55 mark of the new trailer, Batman can be seen driving a Batpod through the streets, which looks very similar to the one in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy. Check out our screenshot below to see what you think.

The Flash trailer

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

"The Flash official trailer is here," wrote one user on Twitter. "At the 1.55 mark is a Batman and Batmobile resembling Christian Bale... I will lose it in the cinema if he cameos!" Another viewer added: "Wait. Hold up. This actually looks sick. The visuals look crisp, the Batman '89 theme made me smile, and was that Christian Bale's BATMAN?!? Yup, I'm in."

A third noted that there were more similarities in the trailer to Nolan's movies too. "I'm not saying Christian Bale is in The Flash movie, but that Batcave waterfall, the back of that cowl, and the drum beats in that musical score, look and sound eerily reminiscent of Batman Begins," they added on Twitter.

However, others were quick to debunk the theory, pointing out that it would be unlikely that Bale would reprise the role for the movie – and even less likely that the cameo would be revealed in the trailer. Writer Brandon Davis also suggested the shot looks very similar to Affleck's Batman too, sharing another angle of the trailer. 

The Flash is released in theaters on June 16 so we'll have to just wait and see which of the Caped Crusaders make a return. In the meantime, here's everything else the DCU has in store with our guide to all the upcoming DC movies and TV shows.

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