Casino Royale TV Spots!

Ten days and counting... Casino Royale is set to arrive in cinemas and all our questions will be answered.

Not since the release of Goldeneye eleven years ago has a Bond movie been so eagerly anticipated. Couple that with the stunning stupidity of those ready to roast Daniel Craig’s performance in the tux before they’ve even clapped eyes on the flick and you’ve got yourself a bona fide hype-fest.

With publicity building into a sprint, here are some TV spots that aired in the US for you to peruse.

Craig’s debut was safely tucked in the trustworthy hands of helmer Martin Campbell. If these clips are anything to go by, the Kiwi has delivered with the same amount of spectacle as he did with Pierce Brosnan’s bow in Goldeneye.

Those of you spouting about the demise of 007 and how Craig was set to ruin Movieland’s longest running franchise, get a knife and fork… and be ready to eat your words.

Source: ( Iklipz )

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