Carrey can't believe it

It seems there’s only thing in the world that excites Jim Carrey more than gurning for cash and that’s signing up to work with the master of mental, Mr Tim Burton.

As we revealed to you a little while ago, Jim has scribbled on the line to star in Believe It Or Not, Burton’s take on the real-life of adventures of Robert Ripley. Weirdo Ripley was a somewhat unique personality from the ‘30s and ‘40s who left his day job as a sports cartoonist to trot the globe searching out weird, hard-to-believe facts. As you do.

“I feel very lucky,” Carrey told Total Film. “I love Tim Burton, I just think he’s a great artist. I’ve always wanted to work with him but he’s one of those guys you just feel anxious sitting down with because you want him to like you.”

It turns out the Canadian comic needn’t have worried. “I found out he was a big fan,” explains Carrey. “He started talking about Ace Ventura, then he told me he’d been wanted to work with me for years, so it was really nice.”

So how does Mr Improv see his on-set relationship with Burton panning out? Bearing in mind TB is a meticulous planner when it comes to scenes…

“The subject matter leaves a lot of room for creative choices,” he laughs. “We have a great rapport and I think it’ll be fun, a real blast.”

They should do: the script was scribbled by Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, the men behind the typewriter for Carrey’s Man On The Moon and Burton’s Ed Wood. With this kind of (bouncing) off-the-wall talent involved, it promises to be an experience. Filming is slated to begin as soon as Tim and Jim find holes in their schedules…watch this space.