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Cameo details revealed for The Wolverine

Rumours are flying this morning that The Wolverine may contain a number of interesting cameo appearances, including one said to take place in a special post-credits sequence.

If you don't want to know who the rumoured participants are, then perhaps you'd better turn back now, as the rest could be considered a mite spoilerish.

We'll start with the less surprising news that Famke Janssen has confirmed the nature of her involvement in the new film in an interview with What Culture!

"I couldn't tell you," says Janssen, when asked how greatly she will feature in The Wolverine . "It's a flashback sequence, that's all I can say." No surprises there then, given that we watched Jean Grey die in X-Men: The Last Stand .

However, more intriguing is the report that's surfaced on JoBlo of a post-credits scene featuring Wolverine and Professor Xavier. Eye-witnesses claim to have seen Patrick Stewart filming a sequence with Hugh Jackman in an airport, walking freely without the aid of Xavier's wheelchair.

The end of The Last Stand teased Xavier's "rebirth", having transferred his mind into another body. Could that be what's happening here, and will this lead on into the events of Days Of Future Past ?

Given that this is purest hearsay at present, we'd advise taking it with a generous pinch of salt. Still, we'll be making sure to sit through the credits anyway… just in case!

The Wolverine opens in the UK on 26 July 2013.

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