Call of Duty: Warzone's new Pacific map gets first look teaser trailer

Call of Duty: Warzone's new Pacific map, officially titled Caldera, has a new teaser trailer examining all the new tropical locations.

The new Caldera map is replacing Verdansk just as the first season of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific kicks off on December 8. It's then that you'll start dropping into a decidedly more tropical environment with its own unique locations and points of interest. Activision has released a teaser trailer giving a close look at the different areas of the map in the form of a cheeky tour video. "Travelers, explorers, adventure seekers... With all travel bans to Caldera lifted, you may now book tickets to Caldera on Pacific Horizon Air," an unseen tour guide says at the start.

The video pans across some ancient ruins, a waterfall with a natural bridge, underground caves, and a few different establishments. Things take a dark turn near the end by teasing some of the chaos you'll inevitably encounter at Caldera - vehicles are on fire, a plane is crashing, and there's a highly unnerving disclaimer: "Pacific Horizon Air is not responsible for any death, parachute-related accidents, gas-related deaths or injury, anti-aircraft fire, tennis elbow, food poisoning, or any similar instances."

Activision also provided a written account of various locations around Caldera, complete with screenshots. In an accompanying tweet, 15 locations were named including Arsenal, Docks, Runway, Ruins, Mines, Peak, Beachhead, Village, Lagoon, Airfield, Fields, Sub Pen, Power Plant, Capital, and Resort. 

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