Call of Duty: Modern Warfare box art, gameplay, and release date accidentally published online by Activision

Credit: Activision

UPDATE: Here's all the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare info we have following a full reveal. 

The Call of Duty 2019 reveal is scheduled to begin at 10am PST/6PM BST today, lifting the curtain on the reported soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series, but the internet may have just ruined the surprise for developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision

For a short time, the scheduled live stream event appeared as a featured video on the homepage of Call of Duty's YouTube channel, revealing both the game's box art, title (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), release date (October 18), and even the reveal trailer itself when scrolling over the thumbnail, in which the video begins to auto-play. 

Activision has since removed the video, but plenty of fans had managed to screengrab the art and capture the footage externally before it disappeared, which you can see for yourself on Reddit here

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Fans are debating whether the Modern Warfare release date, which is somewhat obscured, is in fact October 18, October 13, or October 22, but the game is definitely releasing in October nonetheless, bringing it forward from Call of Duty's traditional release month of November (Black Ops 4 did the same thing last year, supposedly to avoid clashing with Red Dead Redemption 2). 

In any case, we're about to hear all the official information from Activision and Infinity Ward themselves in a few hours time, though this leak has now confirmed those reports of a reboot in Call of Duty's most beloved sub-series. Let's see how well that goes down with the fanbase...

Could Call of Duty: Modern Warfare become one of the best new games of 2019? We'll have to wait and see but, in the meantime, watch the video below for a better look at everything else out this week.

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