Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tranzit guide

Part Locations: Power Station

The Power Station is basically a room with two floors within it. There’s not much to it and the parts are almost always in the same spots. Once you turn on the power in the Hidden Power Room through the outhouse, the door to the right of the power switch will open allowing you to enter the Power House. If you don’t want to turn on the power, you can use the turbine to enter it.


The rod is usually found atop the stairs to the right of the workbench. If they are not in the corner, then they can also be found underneath on the platform below.


The battery dis almost always found on the far side of the workbench in the Power Station. There are a set of barrels there, and the battery can be found sitting on top of them.

TV Tube

The TV tube can be found directly across the gap on the very top floor and is almost always sitting on the window sill in front of the open window.

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