Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tranzit guide

Part Locations: Town

To use the workbench that is located in the bar, across from the Bank, in the town, you’ll need to track down four different items that aren’t actually found in the town. The four items that you need to collect are found in four different areas and are described below.


The wires for the cannon can be found within the Power Station. When you enter the area where the battery and conductor can be found, go down to the lower level, across the catwalk, and to the left of the room, below where the broken walkway is, the wires will be sitting on a small ledge. If you don’t find the wires there, got through the small hallway and look for the grey barrels and it will be sitting on top of them.


The engine which looks like it was ripped from an airplane, can be found in the tunnel just after the Bus Station. Hop off the bus when you enter it and there will be multiple places it can be found. Sometimes it can be found on the far right of the main tunnel area where there is a walkway and openings blocked with sandbags. Another spot is in the center of the area in front of a pile of cars, and another is on the far left side, on the other side of the concrete barrier.


The pressure gauge can be found in the cabin that is located just off the road past the farm. When you enter the cabin, it can be found either in front of the fireplace or at the wall directly across from the fireplace. The pressure gauge is pretty small and can be hard to see, but look in the those areas and watch for the pick-up prompt to appear.


This part can be found in the Nacht Der Untoten area through the cornfield just past the farm. When you enter the Untoten area, go inside the building and make your way to the left side. Look for the handle item to be sitting on top of a file cabinet with a lamp.

Pack a Punch Header

This part can be found just inside the doorway of where you first enter. It will be sitting on the ground in a corner next to a door. It’s rather large and pretty hard to miss.


This part is usually found at the far left end of the hallway against the wall. It is basically a small table with a wooden table leg on top of it.


Just like the battery from the power station, this battery is the third part for the Pack-A-Punch machine. It can usually be found near the workbench where you build it. Look on the ground if you don’t spot it at first.

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