Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tranzit guide

Hidden Locations

The Cabin

Once you have left the Power House, ride the bus forward until you see a lamp post on the left side of the road that flashes. Once you see it, hop off the bus and run to the right side of the road, directly across from the street lamp and follow the path there through the darkness until you come to some flames in front of a cabin. Inside the cabin, you’ll be able to purchase a Bowie Knife for 3000 clams

Nacht Der Untoten

Just past the farm, while riding on the bus, you will see a flashing street lamp on the right side of the road. When you see it, hop off the bus and there will be an opening in the cornfield on the right. Enter the cornfield using the open path and take the first left. After you turn, continue forward and take the first right you come to. Simply continue straight forward and you will enter the area.


The Turbine

The most useful item of the game—aside from your guns—is the Turbine. Once you have it created at the Bus Stop, pick it up and it can then be placed in front of doors that require power to open, as well as powering up other items that can be created such as the turret and electric trap.

The Turret

When you have reached the farm, and found the lawn mower, RPD, and, the box of ammo, you can create a turret that can then be placed where ever you like to mow down approaching zombies. To power the turret however, you’ll need to have a player who has the Turbine.

The Zombie Shield

The Zombie Shield can be used in two ways: One to carry around and bash zombies with, and the second it can be placed in the ground as a stop measure for approaching zombies. In either way you decide to use it, it unfortunately won’t last all that long.

Power Switch

Once you put the three items together, you will then be able to turn on the power for all of the areas by flipping the switch next to the bench.

However, in doing do, you are also unleashing a creature of electricity who will start to hunt you once you have reached the Bus Station again.

Electric Trap

With the Electric Trap created, much like the Turret, you will also need to have the Turbine to power it. When both items are on the ground near each other, the rap will send out a wave of electricity that will kill any zombie that comes near it. A word of warning though, it will also kill yourself as well if you are not careful.

Jet Gun

Once you have collected all 4 items from around the various areas of the map and combined them at the workbench in the town, you will receive this bad boy of a weapon which will basically suck up any zombies in front of it. Be warned however, if you use it for too long at one time, it will break apart and the pieces will need to be picked up and put back together again. You won’t need to go back to all four of the original spots, however, as the parts will be near where it exploded.

Pack-a-Punch Machine

To create the Pack-a-Punch machine, you will first need to access the area under the bank. To get there, you will first need to blow open the vault door inside with a grenade. Simply toss it at the large metal door and it will blow open. Once inside, go to the right and there will be another small vault door. To open this one, toss two grenades at it and it will fly open. Once the second vault door is open, there will be a door inside that has a green sign with a lightning bolt symbol on it. If you didn’t notice earlier in the Power Station, there is a similar door where you drop down through the outhouse.

When you drop down, immediately turn around and you will see the door there. To open the door in the bank vault, you will need to have two people. One who can stay at the door in the Hidden Power room and one who can enter the bank vault. One person will need to activate the Turbine at the door below the outhouse which will then make the door inside the vault open. Once it is open, you can then enter and build the Packa-Punch machine to increase the power of your guns.

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