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You can buy the RTX 3060 graphics card today: stock is live at these stores

RTX 3060 price stock

Knowing where to buy RTX 3060 cards today is the red hot hardware challenge for PC gamers and stock is appearing right now. RTX 3060 stock has been flashing up on a range of retailers but selling out super fast too. It's a bit of a mad scramble (as expected), but we've got links for the most likely options today. If you'd like to quickly check for stock yourself right now, the below retailers should be your top priority. Further down the page, we've listed links for actual confirmed sightings, you'll have to be super quick to catch those.

Confirmed sightings so far

Ok, refreshing the store links above is a great tactic, but we'll update a list below when we do find the actual product listings uploaded onto the retailer sites as they're not always easy to find. So try your luck with these ones too if you want to buy an RTX 3060 graphics card today. Be sure to refresh this page often to see the most recent updates.

Be warned though, many of these are selling out too and the retailers are removing the listings when they're gone, so you might land on an error page.

USA: RTX 3060 stock

UK: RTX 3060 stock

As a quick refresh, the RTX 3060 is the latest member of the 30-series family from Nivida and is set to be the joyful entry-level step into the next-gen of PC gaming GPUs. While positioned at the (current) lowest point of the family, it's still a card that will offer next-gen performance and upgrade potential, but one that won't break the bank in doing so. Naturally, as a result, it's not a beastly 4K-capable card, but rather it will smash through the 60 frames per second mark at 1080p resolution (with ray tracing on), and give a good old college try at 1440p gaming on moderate levels of fidelity, so it might be amongst the best graphics cards for lower budgets. In a nutshell, that's why knowing how and where to buy an RTX 3060 card today is going to be excellent for those eyeing up an upgrade and wanting to join the 30-series party.

But this isn't the first rodeo for any of us when it comes to hardware launches of recent months, I'm sure. We're all steeling ourselves for the fact that trying to buy an RTX 3060 card is likely to be as difficult as it was for all the other 30-series, and the experiences when trying to buy a PS5 or buy Xbox Series X consoles, too.

So, if you're on the hunt for the best RTX 3060 price or you just want to know exactly what and where your best chances are, then we are here to help. Again, the obvious caveat is that the cards will not be available for long at all, but you've got to try, right? And thus, to get you in the best position to buy an RTX 3060 graphics card, we've rounded up your best bets of finding stock right here so check out the links below right now to see if lady luck is smiling on you and you can snag one! We'd advise you keep refreshing as much as possible once the start time arrives and make sure you're already signed in to your store account etc so you don't have one swiped from your basket while entering card details and addresses and the like.

RTX 3060 prices: retailer list

(Image credit: Nvidia)

The above list of retailers should get you right where you need to be - with the caveat of low stock and the usual hardware launch results of late. 

However, we have a full set of guides to the major graphics cards, as well as the new 30-series laptops and PCs you can get too. With a bit of luck and charm, hopefully, we can get you that shiny new 30-series card!

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