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Buy' ngop! You can watch Star Trek Discovery with Klingon subtitles on Netflix – here’s how

Star Trek Discovery (opens in new tab) may have just launched but – if you’re anywhere else in the world apart from America – it’s already reached Trekkie god-tier levels because of one fantastic Netflix Easter egg. Ever fancied watching an entire Star Trek episode with Klingon subtitles? Well, now you can, in a few easy steps and I’ll show you how. 

Obviously, you’ll need an active Netflix subscription for this to work (or ‘borrow’ one from a friend) so just fire up your device and, as shown below, punch in ‘Star Trek’ into the search bar, and bring up Star Trek Discovery. Nice and simple. It works on every episode too.

Bring up the Netflix taskbar (move your mouse or press your finger if you’re on a touchscreen device) and click on the second to last/fourth icon across. That’s the subtitles tile. Click it and you’ll see a list of available subtitles.

See! I wasn’t joking! Klingon. As clear as day. Now, if you want to annoy your buddies/brush up on your Klingon then just click it and settle in for some space-faring action with a tongue-twisting twist.

My Klingon is a little rusty so I’m not sure how great the translation is – but here it is in all of its glory. They’ve gone above and beyond on this one.

If seeing Star Trek in Klingon isn’t enough to whet your appetite then check out the first Star Trek Discovery reactions (opens in new tab) and also why the show might seem like it’s violating canon. (opens in new tab)

Image: CBS/Paramount

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