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Branagh On Thor (not from Comic-Con!)

Blimey, you’d think after Comic-Con he’d be all talked out, but no! Here he is talking about how to make Thor acceptable to modern audiences has nabbed the transcripts for a post Comic-Con press conference with Thor director Kenneth Branagh, and here‘s one of the more interesting excerpts, where he talks about trying make Thor accessible to a modern, mass audience:

“I was passionate that we should have a contemporary earth sequence to the movie. I believe, they do in the comics, that we can live in both places and people can travel maybe to both places potentially and that we can [finesse] the tone. [We've] got to stay very honest and very truthful, and I hope we do. Tone was always, always kind of the key issue. Key people early on, props and production designer Bo Welch, Academy Award winning costume designer Alex Bird was also somebody who was trying to be inspired by the comic book, but also she kept being imaginative about it and trying to present textures and elements. When you know that people travel through space, when they live in the world of gods, it isn’t just a question of just metal or just molded kind of human material. So we’d always just try to look at it, see what we saw in the comic and then try and reinvent, re-imagine, go back to some original source. That got everybody very excited, so you want to try to be pure and classical in it but bring in new twists.”