Box Score: The Podcast 007 Parts 1 and 2

In part 1 our seventh episode of Box Score, Richard Grisham talks to ESPN’s Gus Ramsey, who produces of ESPN’s SportsNation while blogging and tweeting with the best of them. In Part 1, the guys discuss Gus’ transition to SportsNation after years at the helm of Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter, the Madden 13 Cover Vote, an old rivalry in MicroLeague Baseball, and his Broncos and the Peyton Manning-Tim Tebow saga.

In part 2, the guys dive deep into MLB 12: The Show on PS3 and Vita – as well as veering into Madden and NBA 2K12 territory – then wrap it up with a melancholy discussion of their beloved New York Mets.



Post Date: 4/19/2012

Podcast length: Part 1 44:00 | Part 2 67:18

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