Bound by Flame side quest guide

Act 3 - Assault on Blackfrost's Palace 

Chapter 1 - The Lion's Den

Save the Elf Soldiers

When heading from the Makeshift Camp into Blackfrost's Domain, head down the ramp to the south to find a blocked door. There are Elf soldiers trapped on the other side.

When you get outside, make your way down the numerous ramps to the door almost in the dead centre of the map, taking out the Deadwalkers that appear nearby. Through the door is a Bone Golem; take it out, then remove the barricades on the doors inside. Talk to the soldiers to send them back to camp and complete the quest.

A Damsel in Distress

Prerequisite: Return to camp with Mathras

When you return to camp, Lyestas will have several side quests for you, including finding Sybil. Proceed through the story mission, and you'll eventually battle near a crystal in the southwest area of the Great Square. You'll find Sybil near death by some Deadwalkers. Kill them, then use a Healing Potion to save Sybil and finish the quest.

A Knight in Distress

Prerequisite: Return to camp with Mathras

Lyestas also needs help finding Randval. Head to the East Wing by way of the Great Square, and head to the central eastern balcony. You'll find Randval fighting off some Deadwalkers here. Help him kill them to finish the quest.

Improve the Camp's Defenses

Prerequisite: Return to camp with Mathras

Lyestas also needs help beefing up your defenses. This is pretty easy to do. As you play through the Chapter 1 story mission, you'll have to collect 6 crystals from the large ice pillars all around Blackfrost's Domain. Once you have your 6, simply examine more crystals to gather 4 more. Return these to Lyestas to complete the quest.

Save Renko

Prerequisite: Return to camp with Mathras

Lastly, Lyestas will need help finding Renko. To find him, return to the Sewers and climb down the first ladder. Head for the alcove to the southeast to find Renko trapped by a Bone Golem. Kill it, then escort Renko back to camp to finish the quest.

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Act 3 - Assault on Blackfrost's Palace

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