Bound by Flame side quest guide

Act 1 - Twists and Turns in Valvenor 

Chapter 2 - The Evil Eye


When the chapter begins, head into the Village Hall and enter the eastern wing. In here, you can speak to Sybil about her father's passing.

A Cure for the Prince

In the same room, you can speak to Rhelmar about curing the elven prince. Start your quest by speaking to Silban, the Red Scribe by the prince's bed.

Now you have to go to the Swamp: Path to Valvenor during night (sleep in a bed to change this if necessary). There are two pink Chrysalid queens to kill, both marked on your map. Slay these for two packs of Chrysalid Queen poison, then return them to Silban to complete the quest.

Edwen's Request

Prerequisite: Begin the Chapter 2 story quest

This quest will trigger if you begin investigating the villagers in the Chapter 2 story quest with someone other than Edwen in your party. Upon exiting the Village Hall, she'll ask to help the investigation. Agree, then finish the story quest as normal to finish this side quest as well.

Missing in Action

Speak to the Captain to discover that Hawk has gone missing. Enter the Swamp: Southern Delta and head for the southern section to find him. He wants help taking down a big "beastie"; help him take down a particularly large Howler, then return to the Captain to complete the quest.

Chapter 3 - Funeral March

The Defense of the Village

This one's pretty straightforward. When you return to Valenor, go to the two spots marked on the map and take out the Deadwalkers there. Two fights, and the quest is done.

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Act 1 - Twists and Turns in Valvenor

Act 2 - Battle in the Icy Grip

Act 3 - Assault on Blackfrost's Palace

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