Bound by Flame side quest guide

Act 1 - Twists and Turns in Valvenor 

Chapter 1 - A Village of Refugees

On Safari with Sybil

When you begin the chapter, speak to Sybil and ask about the creatures she's observed. As you move through the swamp, you'll encounter several enemy types. After each battle, talk to Sybil about the creatures, and she'll tell you more about them. You need to observe (battle) a Chrysalid, an Impaler, and a Ripper to complete the quest.

The Duel

After the cut scene in Village Hall, speak to Randval, and he'll challenge you to a duel. Winning the battle isn't too difficult: block Randval's blows, stagger him with a kick, then get in a few swings of your blade. Repeat the process until he falls.

The Recruitment of Randval

Prerequisite: Complete "The Duel"

After completing "The Duel," you can speak to the Captain back inside on the path to the Swamp: Southern Delta on the eastern edge of town about letting Randval join his ranks. After the talk, return to the Captain with Randval in your party to complete the quest.

Problems of Stewardship

Speak to the Steward inside Village Hall about work you can do. He'll ask you to visit Mirana at the Healing House, and Mason by his wine bottles. Speaking to either one of them starts a new line of side quests, and complete the current one.

Humanitarian Services

Prerequisite: Begin "Problems of Stewardship"

Speaking to Mirana activates this overarching quest, which is completed by finishing "The Dispensary Resources" and "The Lost Assistant." See below for more information.

The Dispensary Resources

Prerequisite: Begin "Humanitarian Services"

Mirana needs food and healing potions for her people. Head the western end of the Village Hall, the Stocks. Open the barrels here for a handful of items. Now head down the path to Swamp: Southern Delta on edge of the village. There's one last barrel by the encampment here you can open. With the items in hand, return to Mirana. Hand them over, then hand over five healing potions (buy or craft them) to complete the quest.

The Lost Assistant

Prerequisite: Begin "Humanitarian Services"

Mirana also needs you to locate her missing assistant, Heymon. You'll find him in the southeastern section of the Swamp: Southern Delta--just up the narrow ramp to the fenced-in area. Speak to him to return to Mirana and finish the quest.

The Disappeared Guards

Prerequisite: Begin "Problems of Stewardship"

Mason will need you to find missing patrolmen, forge some new equipment, and train his new recruits. We'll start with the missing patrols. First, backtrack to Swamp: Path to Velvenor, then take the northern exit to Swamp: Path of the Ruins. You'll find the missing guards dead along the path to the werebeasts's lair. Loot the men's equipment, then return it to Mason to finish the quest.

The Guard's Equipment

Next, we'll help Mason get better armour for his guards. Speak to Assael in the same area to activate a new quest, "Assael's Raw Materials." After completing this, you'll be able to return to Mason and finish the current quest.

The Greenhorn's Training

Lastly, agree to give Mason's men "a kick in the arse" to start a combat scenario. Take down the recruits to finish the battle. Do this three times to complete the quest.

Assael's Raw Materials

Prerequisite: Begin "The Guard's Equipment"

To complete "The Guard's Equipment," you'll need Assael's services. This activates this quest, and tasks you with bringing the smith 10 pieces of Raw Metal, 10 hides of Leather, and 5 pieces of Refined Metal. These can all be found by slaying enemies, purchasing at shops, or plucking them from the environment. Bring the materials to Assael, and he'll ask you to gather even more of the same. Bring these to him yet again to finish the quest.

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