Here's how Borderlands 3's Mayhem on Twitch anniversary celebration event works

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Borderlands 3 is getting extra social for the fourth week of its month-and-change long anniversary event. The latest event is called Mayhem on Twitch, and it offers more rewards for players in Mayhem mode as well as folks who stream or watch the game. Gearbox is setting the event up with a hotfix patch that should go live by 3 pm PDT / 6 pm EDT / 11 pm BST today (October 22), and it will run through October 29th when the final "Spooky Surprise" week will begin.

Mayhem Mode is a special option for playing the game that's unlocked after you finish the campaign. You can enable it by using a special console on the Sanctuary 3 (assuming you have indeed finished the campaign). Usually Mayhem Mode is extra challenging and extra rewarding, and during the Mayhem on Twitch event it will be even more of the latter: you'll get more XP, reduced values for a variety of Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers, and a better chance for Anointed Gear to drop.

Meanwhile, those who watch the game on Twitch with ECHOcast will be able to vote for more options during Badass Viewer Events (which have permanently had their frequency increased, even outside the event). Rare Chest Events will also succeed all of the time instead of just a quarter of the time during Mayhem on Twitch as well, meaning more loot for streamers and viewers alike.

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest seasonal event will begin on Thursday and run through November 5, so you'll have twice the in-game events to party with for the next few weeks. And you still have plenty of time to enjoy the first set of Borderlands 3 DLC packs, which let you kit out your hunter with the most seasonal of crimson clothes.

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