New Borderlands 3 DLC packs introduce toy box weapons, Halloween skins, and more

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As Borderlands 3 continues to roll out its anniversary celebrations with this week's Eridium event, the first new sets of paid DLC have finally arrived for Vault Hunters to pick up and purchase in anticipation of the looter shooter's Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest limited time mode, which begins at the end of the month. 

The five cosmetic packs, each one available for £3.99/$4.99 each, were originally exclusive to those who had pre-ordered Borderlands 3's special editions, but are now available on the Microsoft Store, PSN Store, and Epic Games Store to purchase separately, each one with its own distinct theme for decking our your Vault Hunter with. 

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There's the Toy Box Weapons Pack, which includes a number of toy-themed weapons (including a super soaker water pistol); the Gearbox Cosmetic pack, featuring the Gearbox Studios themed weapon skin and Trinket; the Retro Cosmetic pack, painting your Vault Hunters and their guns in lashings of rose red; the Gold Weapons skin pack, which does exactly what it sounds like; and the Neon cosmetic pack, including five skeleton skins perfect for Halloween. 

Of course, this is just the beginning for Borderlands 3's road map, which is set to roll out free content, major story expansions, regular hot fixes, and more throughout the next year and beyond. Gearbox has yet to announce anything when it comes to the game's story DLC, but hopefully we'll hear more during the next episode of the upcoming Borderlands show, which debuts later this month. 

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