Borderlands 2 side missions guide


Written by the Victor

Experience: 420 XP
Money: $972
Gear: None

Once you reach Opportunity, go to the waypoint and press the button there to hear the first recorded bit of history. Once it has played, the second can be found at the Living Legend Center, to the left of the statue. Listen to it and then move on to the next which is just to the right. The fourth will be across from it, and the fifth and final one will be just to the right. Once you have heard all 5, simply turn around and press the button on the Hyperion Hall of History to turn in the rather simple mission.


Experience: 4934 XP
Money: None
Gear: Head Customization

At the Opportunity Bounty Board, you’ll get this mission to destroy 4 statues of Jack around Opportunity. Make your way to the closest one and shoot it to find that it is bullet proof. To get past that, make your way east to the Orbital Delivery Area and find a deactivated overseer. Locate it in the archway to the right and then hack its controls to get it moving.

Follow it back to the first statue and protect it as it cuts the statue down. Once it has, move along with it to the next statue and prepare for a slew of Engineers and a Constructor bot. Once the statue has dropped, move on to the third where another Constructor bot and a Super Badass Loader will appear with regular bots and Engineers. Once it is down, run around the corner to load up on ammo and then run to the final statue location. For this final statue, it will only be a Constructor and the loaders that it creates. Take it out quickly with corrosion and a rocket launcher if possible and then you will need to turn in the mission at the bounty board.


Hyperion Contract #873

Experience: 5319 XP
Money: $683
Gear: Sniper Rifle
Kill 100 Bandits

At the Overlook bounty board, once you have met with Slab in Opportunity, this job will then become available. To complete it, you will need to kill 100 bandits. There is the option bonus to kill 25 bandits with fire, 25 with corrosion, 25 with shock, and 25 with explosives. If you don’t choose to do it the optional way, chances are you will complete this mission simply over time by doing other missions. When you have killed enough bandits, return to the Overlook bounty board and receive a weapon for your troubles.


Rakkaholics Anonymous

Experience: 3527 XP
Money: None
Gear: Pistol/Sniper Rifle

Talk to Mordecai in the Command HQ and he will want you to travel to The Dust to track down 10 kegs of beer. When you arrive in The Dust, get a vehicle and then look for the Moonshiner truck that will be driving around. Shoot at the barrels on the back of it and they will fall off one at a time. Don’t worry about having to get them just yet. Count ten barrels dropped, and then drive around to collect them. During the drive to get them, Mordecai and Moxxxi will persuade you to bring the booze to them. If you bring it to Moxxxi she will give you Rubi, her pistol; if you bring it to Mordecai, he will give you his sniper rifle. Take the booze to whomever you think should have it and collect your reward to end the mission.

Animal Rights

Experience: 3527 XP
Money: None
Gear: Sniper Rifle

Talk to Mordecai in the Command HQ and he will want you to go to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve to free some animals so that they can kill the engineers there. You will need to free Stalkers, Skags, and a Bad Ass Stalker. The optional bonus is to keep the animals alive after they have been released. For the first group, head south to the Preserve Dockyard and free the Stalkers by pulling the lever on the generator. When you do, you will then need to kill 12 Stalker guards that come running out. Once they are down, make your way to the next waypoint marker to free the Skags. Once the Skags are free, you will need to kill the Skag guards that appear as well.

After 12 of them are down, move on to the next waypoint where you will need to free the Badass Skag in Specimen Maintenance. Before entering the building, you will need to take down the horde of bots outside which will end with a Super Badass Loader. Once they are all down, enter the building and continue to the next area with badass Skags outside. Kill them all and enter the door to the Experimental Greeter once again and make your way around the corner to flip the switch that will release the Badass Stalker. Kill 12 handlers as they come rushing out and then you will need to make your way back to the entrance of the preserve to exit and go back to Sanctuary to turn in the quest to Mordecai.

Poetic License

Experience: 1929 XP
Money: $868
Gear: Rifle/Sniper Rifle

Speak to Scooter in the garage and he will tell you that he needs inspiration to write a poem for his love interest, Daisy. Take the camera from his garage and then head to Thousand Cuts to snap some pictures. When you first get there, go to the left to the waypoint marker there and you will find the nudie mag optional requirement on a table. Snag it and then start for the other waypoint markers. They include a body hanging, a robot spooning a man, and a flower. One of these things is not like the other, indeed. Once you have the three pictures taken, head back to Scooter in his garage and he will ask you to take the poem to Daisy who is just around the corner. Give her the poem and then wait for her reaction. Once you have it, head back to Scooter and tell him the news to complete the mission.

Home Movies

Experience: 4204 XP
Money: $243
Gear: Relic

Talk to Lilith in the Command HQ and she will need you to get Moxxxi’s camera from her to take some pictures in Opportunity to fix up the tourism propaganda. To complete it, you will need to head to Opportunity and kill 5 Engineers, grab 3 surveyor Lures, and grab the Hyperion Supply Beacon. Once you enter Opportunity, go to the right and hop up to the upper level to find the three lures all in one place. Once you have them, just follow the three waypoints to the Jack cardboard cutouts and place them on them. To get the orbital beacon, go to the southeast Orbital Delivery Zone and you will find the beacon inside a crate there. Once you have placed all three lures on the Jack signs in the History area and have the Supply Beacon, run to the Waterfront District and cross the bridge there to place it beside the large crane. Once it topples over, head to the Co-Opportunity Center in the lower level of Opportunity Square. Enter the door there and you will need to place the camera on the control board and then upload the video. Once you have, return to Lilith to complete the mission.

The Bane

Experience: 4934 XP
Money: None
Gear: Analytical Bane SMG

To receive this mission, look for the ECHO recorder just outside of the side door to Moxxxi’s place. Once you have it, go and talk to Marcus in the gun shop and you will then have to find Horace in The Dust who he sold it to. Go to The Dust and then make your way through Bug Gulch behind Ellie’s Garage. Locate the ECHO recorder on the right side and then you will need to track down McNally. Make your way to the waypoint near the Speedway and McNally will run out of a shack. Take him down and then listen to the ECHO to learn your next stop is in Lynchwood. Catch the train to Lynchwood and make your way to the far north waypoint marker to find the ECHO. Once you listen to it, you will be told to locate the weapon in the cemetery. Of course the cemetery is nowhere close, so head back south and go through Main Street, up the conveyor belt at the end, and through the Grinders to find the grave at the far end. Dig up the Bane but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT USE IT.

Hell Hath No Fury

Experience: 4563 XP
Money: None
Gear: Grenade

Talk to Moxxxi in her bar and she will be upset that Jack is opening a new Underdome. Head to Opportunity and your first order of business will be to kill the construction foreman. Run to the far south, to The Pits, and find Foreman Jasper strolling around the area. Take him down and grab the key that he drops. Now you will need to check the containers that are to the south end of The Pits. Open the container to find that it has some charges inside that Moxxxi then wants you to use to destroy the retaining wall and flood the construction site. Make your way to the waypoint against the retaining wall where the explosive needs to be placed. Climb up the slanted support beam to reach the spot and then hop down and quickly run up the ladder to escape the explosion. Once it blows, it will start to flood and you can then return to Moxxxi to turn in the mission.

Rocko’s Modern Strife

Experience: 385 XP
Money: $434
Gear: None

Talk to Brick in the Command HQ and he will want you to go to The Thousand Cuts to talk to Rocko. Enter the area and make a left to find Rocko in a shack. Simply talk to him and this rather easy mission will be complete.

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