Borderlands 2 side missions guide

Claptrap’s Birthday Bash

Experience: 1305 XP
Money: $275
Gear: Win Win Apparatus/ Wild Spitter

It seems it Claptrap’s birthday and he wants you to go and invite some folks around the town. To kick the mission off, grab the invites from his hand and then go and visit Moxxxi, Scooter, and Marcus to deliver them. You have a time limit of two minute and ten seconds to do it, but that’s more than plenty. Once you deliver all three, return to Claptrap and just do the few things he asks you to like turn on the radio, have some pizza, use a noise maker. Once the timer runs down, Claptrap will thank you for coming and the mission is over.

The Overlooked: Medicine Man

Experience: 2903 XP
Money: $617
Gear: Skin Customization

Talk to Scooter in his garage and he will ask you to go to Overlook to help the citizens there. When you arrive, go to the house marked by the waypoint and Karima will ask you to remove the clock tower battery for the medicine machine. Climb up the ladder at the clock and again up the second ladder and find the battery inside the walkway. Hop back down to the ground and place the battery in the medical machine and purchase the Shiver medicine from the deal of the day slot. Now you will need to head down near the Highlands- Extraction Point to find the second supply.

You will find the Requisition officer who is a pretty tough cookie—walking down the road with two badass robots. Take out the officer and then get the medicine from the machine on his back. The third and final one can be found just south of the Highland-Hyperion Bridge. When you reach the bridge, go underneath it and open the crate there. As the door opens sloooooowly, some Threshers will appear. Take them out as you wait for the door and then grab the medicine. Now that you have all three, return to Overlook to deliver them

The Overlooked: Shields Up

Experience: 4354 XP
Money: $154
Gear: Pistol/Shield

Once you hand in the medicine to the people of Overlook, Karima will ask you to help with their shields. To do so, you will need to toss 5 shields of your own into the grinder to the right of the medicine machine. If you don’t have any shields on you that you want to get rid of, you buy some at the med machine. Once you have 5 that oyu don’t want, go to the top of the grinder and drop the shields in. It can be a bit tricky as your items love to go flying when you drop them, but stay lined up with the pit at either end and they should drop in easily. Once you have all 5 shields dropped, go to the ground and pick up the 5 shield pieces that were created and deliver them to Karima for the next part of the series.

The Overlooked: This is Only a Test

Experience: 3208 XP
Money: 4 EridiumGear: Deadly Bloom Shield

Now that the shield is up, Karima wants to test to make sure it works. Make your way to the Hyperion base at the Aggregate Acquistition just above the Frothing Creek Mill. Once in the Hyperion base, make your way to the far end on the right side and go up the short set of stairs. In the corner to the left will be the controls to use the mortar. You will have to use it twice, and both times need to aim it. Make sure to keep an eye on any bots coming in to attack you from behind and use the mortar when prompted. Once you have fired the shots, return to Karima in Overlook to finish the set of missions.

Caustic Caverns

Minecart Mischief (undiscovered)
Experience: 3208 XP
Money: 4 Eridium
Gear: None

Make your way to the Caustic Caverns and continue through the Infested Warehouse until you reach the waypoint marker. Here there will be an ECHO recorder strapped to a pole and will then need to find the mining cart that is located to the west in the Guardian Ruins. Once you reach the cart, get behind it and start to push it along the tracks. You will need to go through 3 different sets of doors along the way until you finally reach the crusher, and you can do so simply by turning the valve handle to the left of each. Once you finally reach the crusher, pull the lever on the left side to activate it. Then you will need to wait around for the cart to get crushed. Fight off the Varkids while you wait and eventually you will need to collect the 5 pieces of raw Eridium that fall out. Once you have them, simply turn in the mission where you picked up the shards to complete it.

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