New Switch Lite color has old school Nintendo vibes

Blue Nintendo Switch Lite
(Image credit: Nintendo)

A new edition of the Switch Lite is releasing next month, and it's a lovely shade of bluey purple. 

Nintendo is calling it the Blue Nintendo Switch Lite, although it certainly looks like the old-school purple of '90s Nintendo consoles. The Blue Nintendo Switch Lite will be available on May 21 in North America for $199.99. It will drop earlier in Europe, on May 7, but there aren't any pricing details for other regions yet. The blue console is not a special edition of the Switch Lite, so it'll join the rotation of the other permanent Nintendo Switch Lite colors (coral, yellow, turquoise, and grey). If you're looking for a Nintendo Switch Lite deal, we got you covered.

Considering Nintendo Switch shortages at retailers will likely continue, it's nice to see that there's another option for those who want to jump into handheld gaming. Here's hoping the blue Switch Lite will be readily available, as Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the possibility of shortages of the Nintendo Switch console is likely considering the demand for them. It's unclear if the shortage in parts that's affecting the consoles will also affect the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, so if you're on the fence about getting the handheld device, this new Switch Lite might be the one to snag. 

The Blue Switch Lite is launching on the same day of the Switch port of Miitopia, the Mii RPG adventure game that originally released on the Nintendo 3DS. Miitopia will let you customize your own Mii, monitor their hangout with friends, and go into battle with other NPCs. You can pre-order Miitopia on the Nintendo Switch eShop today, and it debuts on May 21.

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