Miitopia brings Mii RPG adventure, customization, and drama to Switch in May

Miitopia is coming to Nintendo Switch, bringing an all-new version of the Mii-powered 3DS RPG to Nintendo's latest platform.

Nintendo offered an early look at the newly revealed game in its recent Nintendo Direct presentation, teasing how players will be able to recruit Miis based on their friends, family, and Hank Hill to serve the heroes, villains, and other NPCs of their fantastical stories. While Miis haven't had nearly as strong of a presence on Switch as they had on 3DS, it looks like Miitopia is going to make up for it with some new customization options for the cartoony custom characters.

Those new options include make-up which you can use to augment or override vanilla Mii face settings, as well as a series of wigs so you can make your hair way more extra than the standard Mii hairstyles allow. After all, what's an RPG hero without a colorful, improbably coiffed 'do?

On top of making your Miis look cool, you'll also get a new way to play with their social lives. If you make sure your Miis get along by monitoring their hangouts at home, you can also be sure that they'll work together well on the battlefield. If you don't there's a good chance they'll spend just as much time scuffling with each other as they will fighting the monsters. Granted, sometimes it's worth it just for the drama.

Miitopia is headed to Nintendo Switch on May 21, and pre-orders open today on the Switch eShop.

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