Blastermind Father's Day Quiz

Who's the Daddy? A Blastermind tribute to the fathers of sci-fi...

Last Sunday was Father's Day and what better way to celebrate then to take a look at our favourite on-screen fathers? Bringing Daddy issues to sci-fi, the guys below are either the main characters or the background figures of their tales, but being a dad is important to their role somehow.

The question this week is, can you identify the fathers and more importantly who their famous fictional offspring are? As usual there are some tricky ones and easier ones. There's so many fathers to choose from that you're sure to miss a few...

Usual request: please don’t put answers in the comments section below (though feel free to use it to boast/bemoan how well/badly you’re doing) but the folks on this thread are quite happy for you to post and discuss answers if you follow the golden rule of only posting answers in invisible text (if you don’t know how ask somebody there – they’re very friendly).

This week’s quiz compiled by Danielle Nevin

Answers on the next page…

Answers on the next page…

Pete Tyler, father of Rose Tyler, Doctor Who

The Inventor, “father” of Edward Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands

Balon Grayjoy, father of Theon and Yara Grayjoy, Game Of Thrones

Denethor, father of Boromir and Faramir, The Lord Of The Rings

Jango Fett, father of Boba Fett (and an entire Clone Army), Star Wars

Jonathan Kent, father of Clark Kent, Superman The Movie

Geppetto/Marco, father of Pinocchio/August W Booth, Once Upon A Time

James Potter, father of Harry Potter, Harry Potter

Robert Thorn, father of Damien Thorn, The Omen

Sergey Rozhenko, Worf’s adoptive father, Star Trek: The Next Generation

Christian Shephard, father of Jack Shephard, Lost

John Winchester, father of Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural

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