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Black Friday Xbox controller deals 2021 - everything we expect to see in November

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Black Friday Xbox controller deals are coming. And they might prove the best chance so far this year to save a bunch of money on the best official and third-party pads to improve your play and inject some variety, customisation, and flexibility into your Xbox - and PC  - gaming setup.

The Xbox controller market is pretty broad given that all models (generally) work on both generations now thanks to a bit of forward and backward compatibility. This means your chances for picking up a genuinely great Black Friday Xbox controller deal are better than ever. However, despite the larger pond to fish from, most will be looking at those more premium pads, like the Elite Series 2 (also probably the best PC controller you can buy) and the official Xbox Series X controller.

Away from the official controllers, the third-party Xbox controller market has boomed in the past year or so. Releases from the likes of Turtle Beach, Razer, Thrustmaster, and Nacon have really filled out the options for both the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, but also added to the options for those still on Xbox One machines. 

With controllers spanning the entire price spectrum from budget and entry-level wired ones that can be a quick fix, to ultra-premium ones that offer competitive advantages, button remapping, and customization, there's something for everyone in the market. We're expecting 2021's Black Friday Xbox controller deals to offer up a saving on a gamepad for everyone too.

With this being the first 'proper' Black Friday since the Series X and S's release, we can be sure that Black Friday Xbox controller deals will be some of the standouts of the broader Black Friday Xbox Series X deals.

But remember this winter is going to be prime time for upgrading your gaming setup in a wider sense so consider swotting up in the upcoming Black Friday PS5 TV deals, Black Friday gaming headset deals, and the Black Friday gaming laptop deals to fully round out your research and preparation. Read on, however, for more info on what to expect in next month's Black Friday Xbox controller deals.

When will Black Friday Xbox controller deals start?

Put Friday, November 26 in your calendar and highlight it, and set a reminder a week before - this is the big day this year. As a result, we think the biggest and best deals are likely to go live on this day itself. But we've all been down this road before: retailers do like to go earlier and earlier with offerings, price cuts, and deals so it's always wise to be on the lookout from mid-October onwards. This is the point at which we will start seeing the Black Friday Xbox controller deals get into full swing.

Where will the best Black Friday Xbox controller deals be?

We will be rounding up the best Black Friday Xbox controller deals right here on this page as they come in. However, of course, we know who are the likely players in this game. The below retailers will be the ones to check out and visit often during the sales period - but are also good places to go right now if you fancy an early look.

should always be your first stop for gaming peripherals
Best Buy:
always has stock, regularly has discounts
GameStop: the gaming retailer has strong stock levels of all pads
Newegg: the PC-focused store has a decent variety of Xbox gear in stock
store collection and masses of stock - a solid option

remains the best starting point for gaming controllers
Very: regularly has great levels of choice for gaming peripherals
the place to go for a great variety of gaming tech and gear
Argos: sometimes offers same-day delivery on items and decent prices
John Lewis:
might surprise us with stock and deals on the big day
growing in stature as a retailer worth visiting for any gaming tech
Ebuyer: known for PC parts, but still offers a bunch of console gaming gear

Black Friday Xbox controller deals: what to expect

Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro

(Image credit: Future)

In terms of specific Black Friday Xbox controller deals to anticipate, it is, naturally, hard to say exactly what will come to pass.

But let's start from the top. The Elite Series 2 controller is always the one to look out for during sales events. Its list price is still $180 so anything below that is still technically a deal - though its recent price has generally seen it available for around the $160 mark in the past couple of months. It did receive a tiny price drop of $15 or so last Black Friday, but it could be prime for a sub-$150, lowest-ever price this year. After all, we can't be too far off a Series 3...

The day after Cyber Monday last year is still the record low for the regular Series X controller (in black) when it was briefly down to $39. We think that this is probably about as low as it'll go again this year - it still not being that old at all, of course - but that'd still be a great price.

Among the third-party controllers is where it could get more interesting. One of our top picks, the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro controller - with its modular, interchangeable design and plethora of customisation options - could definitely see a lowest ever price. A $60 controller, this last saw a lowest ever price of $20 for Amazon Prime Day, which is was a fantastic deal. We'd be very surprised if it went down any lower, but what could happen is that the controller gets cuts, along with the colour or LED packs that offer variety to its design, so you could save a whole bunch on a whole package.

Razer's Wolverine line of Xbox controllers are also definite strong contenders for price cuts this year. The gaming hardware behemoth always get's involved with the Black Friday Xbox controller deals and we'd expect to see even the newest Wolverine V2 on offer. Given that controller and all its brethren are some of the best Razer controllers available from the brand, we'd keep an eye on all of these. The Razer Wolverine Ultimate, for example, despite being the older model, always sees deep cuts from its $160 list price, and has already been down to $110 once this year. The winter sales period is an easy chance to match or better this.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

(Image credit: Future/Brendan Griffiths)

Elsewhere, the Turtle Beach Recon controller's already decent price of $50 could mean it's not going to see a deep cut, though a few dollars off would still represent a decent percentage off if it happens. It's a similar case with Nacon's (RIG's) Pro Compact controller from this year too. Nonetheless, these represent the variety and spread of what's likely to be available.

But, as we've said before, these are just a few big fish in a large pond of options. Even the most budget of entries will get price cuts if you're looking for a quick hit or easy solution, while those more premium ones will be mighty tempting of course. 

Today's best deals

However, if you're looking for the latest prices and deals right now, then we've got you covered. Below, our price-finding tech will present you with the best prices in your area, for a few choice models. If only for reference and further research, this information is key - but you might just find a tempting offer as it stands right now. 

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