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Best Black Friday PS4 deals

The Black Friday PS4 deals have already started. Yes, actual Black Friday isn't due  until November 23, and many of the big retailers will be saving their best offers for that week, but we've already started to see some PS4 deals coming in. Right now, for example, you can pick up a PS4 + Red Dead 2 for £249 from No, that's not a great deal, and we don't recommend you pick it up, but it sets the pace for the rest of the retailers. Expect to see the Slim and the Pro enjoying way better prices than that, in the US and the UK.

Many of the big sites have announced either Black Friday PS4 deals, but aren't offering them until next week. NewEgg, for example, is knocking $100 off its PlayStation VR bundles, while people like Walmart are bringing a special Spider-Man PS4 Slim bundle for $199. Other top offers include our top PS4 headset - the Razer Kraken Pro V2 - for only $47.99. That's a tidy 40% off the normal price, and well worth a look right now. For more deals, stay tuned to this page throughout November. We'll be keeping it updated daily with all the best PlayStation stuff. And we'll only be recommending actually great deals, because you don't want to buy a dud. Not on our watch. 

If you're looking for general gaming bargains, we also have a Black Friday game deals hub, which has the very best game and tech deals on there.

Console deals

What can you expect from the PS4 Pro on Black Friday? Well, here's a feature that explains when you should and shouldn't buy a Pro in November. We think $325 / £275 is the sweet spot for a console, with no extra games, so when we find something at that price, we'll drop it right at the top of this feature. Right now, the best PS4 Pro deals can be found below, but the short version of this story is that you get a Pro + Red Dead 2 for the price of a Pro on its own, so you're essentially saving $60/£50 already. Prices will get a little cheaper than that, but equally, stock may sell out like it did in 2017, so it's a gamble waiting.

What other bundles can you expect over Black Friday? It's time for Spider-Man to see a discount, and it's a huge first-party game for Sony, so expect to see it included free with plenty of PS4 Pros. You'll likely get FIFA and Madden bundled in too, depending on what country you live in, and likely a second controller to sweeten the deal.

In terms of PS4 Slim - if you're getting Sony's non-4K console, do not buy anything over $199 / £199. You'll see plenty of bundles for this amount, and some will include more than a single game, so hold your nerve and wait for the low prices. We've already seen both Sony and Target say they'll offer a PS4 Slim + Spider-Man for $200. 

Game deals

There should be some great deals on PS4 games during Black Friday. Sure, we'll get loads of people offering Star Wars: Battlefront 2 for next-to-nothing, but it's the big AAA titles from 2018 we're most interested in. Target has already promised God of War for $25, so it'll be worth looking out for. Already, we can see God of War - PS4's game of the year - dropping in price a little. For less than $40, you get a hell of a lot of game for your money.

Elsewhere, we'll see big savings on Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Sure, the game is only a month old, but you can expect to pick it up for between $35-40 / £35 on PS4. Again, you're getting a hell of a lot of game for your money. What else can you expect? Shadow of the Tomb Raider didn't sell well at launch, and it's ripe for a low price during Black Friday, so expect to get that for between $25-30. Far Cry 5 will be very cheap, and you'll likely get it for $20 / £15, and you'll probably be able to pick up Spider-Man for around $39 / £35. It's a cracking game, and a good PlayStation exclusive. Are there likely to be savings on Red Dead Redemption 2? Nah, it's too soon and that game kinda sells itself.

Extras and headsets

This is where things get really interesting. If you're in the market for a new gaming headset, or you're looking to expand your storage with a hefty PS4 external hard drive, Black Friday will save you a LOT of money. It's always peripherals that see the biggest discounts, so you should look at whether or not you need them. We've already got that deal on the Razer Kraken Pro V2, but you can expect bargains from the likes of Turtle Beach, Logitech, and Sony.

If you want a new hard drive, this is our top pick - the WD My Passport 2TB drive (currently $69.99 at Walmart, which is a decent price). You'll get about 20-30 PlayStation games on there, meaning you'll be able to download all those free PS Plus games all year, and never worry about deleting them. Expect bigger savings next week.

If you want one of the best gaming chairs for cheap, then today sees the Secretlab Omega going for $319. It's easily the best chair out there, and you're saving 27%, which is a tidy sum of money. And, if you want a new PS4 controller cheap, you'll usually see savings of 10-15% on Black Friday, so it's a decent time to grab an official DualShock 4. 

PSVR deals

Sony is keen to expand the number of people who actually own and use a VR set-up, so it'll definitely cut prices on PlayStation VR bundles and all the headsets and accessories that come with them. There were heaps of PlayStation VR offers during Amazon Prime Day back in July, and there will be even more during Black Friday. It's getting to the stage where Sony will be looking at whether or not it continues to push VR as a piece of tech, and if it doesn't sell enough during Black Friday... we could see PSVR get quietly shuffled aside in 2019. NewEgg is already promising $100 off its bundles, and Sony is discounting PSVR too, so if you're yet to take the plunge it could be time.

To be clear, I think everyone should experience VR at least once, and PSVR is the cheapest, easiest entry into VR. But is it a keeper? That's down to personal taste. If Sony can somehow get an all-inclusive VR bundle out there for around $199 / £175, then it becomes a tempting prospect... so expect to see that kind of madness on Black Friday.

When will the Black Friday PS4 deals go live?

Well, officially Black Friday 2018 begins on November 23. That's a Friday, in case you were (somehow) wondering. However, the retail event has become such an all-consuming thing that you can expect to be snapping up PS4 related bargains for a much wider period of time. Realistically, I think you're likely to be getting the best deals from about November 16 - a week before - and they'll run until at least November 30. This doesn't mean that the same offers will be live for two weeks, though - expect different things to go on sale at different times.

It's very possible that we'll see good PS4 deals all the way until the week before Christmas (and, after that, into the January sales) but the bulk of them will be around November 23 and the weekend that follows it. In the past, Cyber Monday (which is November 26 this year) has traditionally been the time to grab a tech bargain, but in the last few years we've seen gaming deals all through the Black Friday period. 

What the hell is Black Friday, anyway?

If you've gotten this far in the article and don't know what Black Friday actually is: kudos to you for persistence. Black Friday is essentially a global retail event, where all the major online shops sell their stock cheaper. It's intended to help you buy Christmas gifts for the family, and it's a great way for stores to clear out 2018's stock ahead of a new retail year.

It's basically about two weeks of deals on almost everything you can buy - from clothes, to food, to video games, to TVs and everything in between. While some retailer sales can be a bit of a non-event, you can genuinely pick up some good deals on Black Friday and set yourself up for the year ahead.

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