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Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019
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If you're looking for a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal at the end of November, well, you're not alone. The Switch will be the hottest console this Black Friday, and is likely to sell out wherever it goes on offer. Whether you're considering the original version or the Switch Lite, there will be plenty of deals to snap up, so it really does help if you plan your shopping in advance of the sales, and work out exactly what you might want. After all, not all Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals are created equal, and some will offer more value than others.

We've recently had advanced notice of the Switch deals that will be part of Target's Black Friday sales, and they're pretty good. While a console with Mario Kart 8 will set you back $299, it's the actual Switch games that are more compelling. You'll be able to pick up Zelda: Breath of the Wild for $30, which is a nice saving on the usual list-price of $50-60. There are a bunch of other games on offer too, including Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Tennis Aces. What you may want to do is buy your Switch wherever you can find it the cheapest, and then snap up a handful of games from Target's sale. While $299 for the console with MK8 is fine, it's unlikely to be the best deal out there. It's worth noting that the Target deals don't start until 5pm on Thanksgiving.

We'll update this Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal guide throughout November, with all the latest Switch offers as we find them. So keep checking back, and don't be afraid to pick up a deal before Black Friday itself, as retailers are always keen to discount prices on consoles nice and early.

When will the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals start?

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019

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More deals

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Here's our guide to all the Black Friday game deals for 2019

Black Friday as a single day, or even a weekend event, is really not a thing anymore. It's sneaking earlier, and earlier, in the month of November, meaning the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals will arrive in the weeks leading up to Black Friday itself. Technically, Black Friday is on November 29, and the deals should run until the end of Cyber Monday on December 2, but expect retailers to put deals live online as early as two weeks before then. We know that Amazon begins its deals on  November 24, and Target is starting on the 28.

This year, you should also expect deals on the Nintendo Switch Lite – which comes in Yellow, Gray, or Turquoise, and there's a special Pokemon Sword and Shield Limited Edition version too.  You will definitely want that.

And, be aware, the original launch model of the Switch is still on sale at some retailers. If you can, try and get the newer version, which comes with an improved battery life of 4.5 - 9 hours compared to the original's 2.5 - 6.5 hours, but you're much more likely to get a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal on the older model. You can quickly tell whether it's an old or new Nintendo Switch model by the box. The new console comes packaged in an all-red box, while the original model has an image of a TV hovering in the background:

What is a good Black Friday Nintendo Switch deal?

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019

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Last year we saw Amazon knocking $50 / £30 off the standard RRP of the console, and even sometimes bundling in a game for around that price making for some of the best Nintendo Switch bundles of all time. We'd expect to see a similar range of deals available on the new Switch model, and probably slightly more off a 2018 model too. 

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch Lite deals, we'd imagine that you could get a $20 - $30 / £15 - £25 – although, because the console will be mere months old, it could be that we don't see many deals at all. After all, the console's USP already is that it is much more affordable. 

To help you get an idea of what a good Black Friday gaming special is, here are the best current prices for both the normal Switch and the Lite:

Over on GameStop US, the highlight of last year's Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals was a nifty little bundle that basically got you free money. A neon Switch at the regular, but it also came with a $50 GameStop voucher, and a $35 Nintendo eShop voucher, effectively earning you $85 to spend on games for your brand new Switch. 

Neon Nintendo Switch with $50 GameStop gift card and $35 eShop card for $299 at GameStop
Grab this absurdly good deal while you can, because it effectively reduces the cost of Nintendo's latest console to its lowest price ever of $214.View Deal

Plus, eBay UK had a glorious deal on the Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild for only £299. That's the same as the usual RRP, but with two of the best Nintendo Switch games bundled in for free. Delicious.

Neon Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild for £299
An amazing deal that gets you the neon Switch and two of the best games on the platform for under £300

Will the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals be limited to consoles?

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The best thing about Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals is that, even if you're already the proud owner of Ninty's latest console, it's the perfect time of year to treat yourself to a few accessories, or controllers - or even stock up on some Christmas gifts for your Ninty loving family and friends. Here's what you should also look out for in terms of Black Friday deals:

1. Switch Joy-Cons

Nabbing yourself a spare pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons is a useful investment. Not only do they come in a range of colors, letting you change up your Switch's look whenever - and wherever - you want, but having an extra pair means instant four-player Mario Kart sessions. And who doesn't want that? But the problem is that they are an investment, because they're an integral part of the console itself. These dinky pads cost $79.99 / £64.99 a pair, so you're not going to splash the cash on them without thinking about it. You should be able to cut at least $10 / £10 off that RRP come Black Friday, which is a good deal on these as they very rarely have any money off whatsoever. Last year we saw some retailers taking $15-20 off, which really signalled that it was time to buy. These are the current best prices, ahead of Black Friday...

2. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Sometimes you gotta go pro for your controller needs, and you can't get much more professional than the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you're looking to get this Nintendo Switch controller cheap, you will be rewarded by waiting until Black Friday, as it's only here that we really see any money off the Pro Pad, which tends to stick very close to its $69.99 / £54.99 RRP. It's ideal for games like Smash Bros. and anything that requires you to really sit for long sessions at home. If you're planning a Zelda or Witcher 3 marathon this Holiday, then picking up a Pro Controller over Black Friday is a great idea because, after a while, you might get claw-hands if you're gripping the Joy-Cons for too long. Here are the best current prices for the Pro Controller.

3. A gaming headset for your Switch

Getting up close and personal with the Switch is the best way to play, so watch out for our pick of the best Nintendo Switch headset options cropping up over Black Friday. Because, after all, your ears deserve the best, right? When you're searching for a Switch headset you need to consider a handful of things: 1) if you're playing the console on the move, you need a headset that is either small enough to take with you, or adaptable enough to be worn out in public; 2) do you really need an expensive Switch headset when most games don't even need the premium surround sound experience? And finally, consider that - if you are taking the console on your commute - you'll probably need noise-cancelling or thick ear-cups to keep all other sounds out of your game. You likely need one or two of these things, but it pays to think about them all. Anyway, here are the best prices on our top Switch headset, the Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless.

4. Other Nintendo Switch accessories

Whether it's Nintendo Labo deals, offers on the best case for Nintendo Switch, offers on spare Nintendo Switch chargers, or just the full gamut of Nintendo Switch accessories, Black Friday will no doubt have you covered. We'll be here though, trawling the various online retailers to make sure that we bring you the best of the best, so stay tuned. 

This year we expect you'll make big savings on cases and SD cards, as these are the staples of the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. Beyond that, look out for stuff that you think will make your Switch life that little bit better: think portable chargers, Joy-Con straps, HDMI cables, and stuff that you want but wouldn't normally buy. After all, it's better to spend less on the functional items when you can, and Black Friday is the best time to do that.

What games will be in Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales?

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Well, that's the big question, isn't it? What games can you realistically expect to pick up cheap when the Nintendo Switch Black Friday sale begin? It's tough to know with Nintendo, as traditionally games tend to hold their value. Last year, everyone expected a price cut for Zelda: Breath of the Wild - a launch game - but that didn't happen. However, things will be a little different this year, with the console now in a different phase of its lifespan. Let's break it down into 'definite' game price-cuts, and 'likely' ones.

The games you will definitely see on offer during Black Friday are the ones we see each year. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will drop to around $30, and maybe even $25. If you don't own it, just buy it. Super Mario Odyssey, as it has done before, will hit $30 at least. Similarly, Mario vs Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will fall to about $20, as it usually cuts to between $25-30 and it's getting older each year but  no less awesome. You'll also see things like Civilization IV, Mario Tennis Aces, Toad Treasure Tracker, and Just Dance 2020 getting well below the $30 mark. Not huge games, but very worthy additions to your collection at decent prices.

Nintendo Switch games you're likely to see in the sales are as follows: yeah, Zelda: Breath of the Wild might, just might, get down to $30 this year. Whoever is brave enough to make that cut will likely sell out in minutes, and you need to be sharp-eyed to find that deal. We think Pokemon: Let's Go (either version) will also come down in price, what with Sword and Shield launching in November. A good price would be $40 for it, but maybe you'll find one for $35. Watch out for Labo kits dropping in price too, maybe to $35 each - they're not selling very well, and they're cheap to make, which makes them ripe for discounts. The Witcher 3 will probably fall to about $40 or even lower, and that's one you need to snap up.

Other possible games likely to feature in the Nintendo Black Friday sales include Super Mario Maker 2, which is already seeing $10 discounts, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (which is a year old now), and even Zelda: Link's Awakening, as that too is seeing some discounts right now.

How to save money in the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals

Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals 2019

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Whether you're shopping for a brand new console, or just a handful of games, during the Nintendo Switch Black Friday sales it pays to know how to find the best stuff and what makes for a good deal. Here are some tips to help you shop smarter and save more cash.

1. Budget now, and prepare to spend a little more

Yes, that's right - we're recommending that you spend more money during Black Friday, not less. Madness. Let's stop and think, though. If you budget $300 for a Switch console and a couple of games, that's a smart play. You can currently get a console and a single game for $329, so if you find one for $300 with a pair of games, surely you've made a decent saving? Well, what if you see a bundle that offers a Switch console, a pair of games, a case, an SD card, and a $20 eShop voucher for $320? Suddenly, that's all the stuff you want for an extra $20. Future you will absolutely thank you for buying as much as possible during Black Friday, when it's cheap, instead of picking it up next year, when it's at full price. It pays to have a budget, so you don't go wild, but the smartest shoppers also know when to spend a little more to get everything they want for the future. 

2. Know today's prices to compare

If you're serious about getting a bargain on Black Friday, then satisfy yourself that you're actually getting one. Know how much a console costs now, check sites like CamelCamelCamel to see the price history, and arm yourself with knowledge. If you know you're getting one of the best prices ever, it makes you feel more confident about actually pressing the buy button. And given how fast the best Switch deals tend to sell out during Black Friday, you need to be quick and confident to actually get hold of them.

3. Look at all the retailers

This one sounds a little obvious, so let us explain. Sure, we know the likes of Best Buy, Amazon, and Target etc will have Nintendo Switch bundles for sale during Black Friday. You will visit these sites because it's obvious. But did you know the likes of B&H Photo sell Switch consoles? And they offer some amazing discounts too. Keeping an eye on non-core shops for big ticket items like the Switch is how you beat the rush and save yourself money. That's because you're looking in places that everyone else isn't, so you normally find this gives you the pick of the deals. Plus, being slightly cynical about it, some retailers simply don't know how popular Nintendo products are, so tend to discount them more aggressively than they should. Good news for you, bad news for them.