What to expect from Black Friday Disney Plus deals 2024

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Last year's best deals

We were always a bit cynical about Black Friday Disney Plus deals because they never really made a splash, but now? After the last few years, we've been completely  turned around.

More specifically, the previous sale gave us one of the best discounts we've had for ages. Hulu and Disney Plus with ads was reduced to a fraction of the normal price during November, and crucially, it'd stay at that new low for an entire year if you signed up before the end date. As for Black Friday Disney Plus deals in the UK, there was a cracking bundle with new Samsung phone contracts that impressed us.

With that in mind, we're optimistic about this year's offers. That's why we've pulled together all the advice we can on annual Black Friday Disney Plus deals here - what to expect, when to strike, and what's likely to happen in 2024.

Black Friday Disney Plus deals: FAQ

Black Friday Disney Plus

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When will the Black Friday Disney Plus deals end?

Black Friday is taking place this year on Friday, November 29. However, if previous sales are anything to go by, the Black Friday Disney Plus deals won't be limited to that one day. In 2023, they started earlier and ended later, so 2024 will probably be the same.

Where will the best Black Friday Disney Plus deals be?

While you might anticipate Black Friday Disney Plus deals being at... well, y'know, Disney Plus, it can vary in our experience. One year brought us a bundle offer via Hulu, and another allowed you to get your hands on the streaming service along with something else (Amazon Music Unlimited gave it away as a freebie a while back, for example). That's been the case again in 2023, with Hulu offering what is hands down the best Black Friday offer we've seen. That means it could be one to watch in 2024.

It's worth keeping an eye out for it as a bonus with phone or internet contracts as well. We've seen Verizon in the US and o2 in the UK offer Disney Plus alongside certain plans in the past, so be sure to keep an eye out as Black Friday rolls around.

Naturally, you don't need to go looking for any of these - we'll be listing any good offers here as an when they appear.

What to expect

Black Friday Disney Plus

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Broadly speaking, the annual Black Friday Disney Plus deals used to be... well, they weren't overwhelming. That was because the streaming service never ran official sales in November, and we could count on the fingers of one hand the amount of times it'd got a reduction in honor of the event. 

Now, though? That's all changed. The last two years running have seen an incredible bundle of two streaming services for less than the price of one, and before that, Amazon Music Unlimited offered a free six months of Disney Plus with its own subscriptions.

Last year you could grab Hulu and Disney Plus with ads for a heavily reduced $2.99 per month across the entire year

So, what are we potentially looking at for this year? Well, last year you could grab Hulu and Disney Plus with ads for a heavily reduced $2.99 per month across the entire year. Along with knocking $7 off the usual bundle (or an impressive $12.99 if you bought the two streaming services separately), you'd only be paying $35.88 across the entire 12 months. That's a faintly absurd reduction, considering how the normal cost would be closer to $120 if you were to pay month by month. As such, we're hoping this discount is back in 2024. Seeing as something similar has happened twice in a row now, we're actually quite optimistic.

You won't be able to wait for too long, though. This offer tends to be limited, and once it's gone, you'll have to make do with the next cheapest price - the Basic membership.

Seeing as this is probably the best we can hope for, you won't need to hang around in the hopes a better offer comes around; it almost certainly won't, if previous sales are anything to go by.

Last year's best Black Friday Disney Plus deals


Disney Plus (ads) + Hulu (ads)  | $2.99 per month
Save $12.99 - This may just be the best Disney Plus deal we've ever seen, and it was easily a highlight of the sale so far. The cheapest Black Friday offer before 2023 was Hulu and Disney Plus for $5ish every month for a year, so this one's much better. It was pretty ridiculous in terms of value as well. Disney Plus and Hulu together are usually $9.99p/m, and that's already a saving of $5.99 each month compared to buying both separately (they cost $7.99p/m each).



Samsung S23 + 1 year Disney Plus | Prices varied at Samsung
Save $79.90 - On top of the usual savings through Samsung's phone store, you were also getting a full year of Disney Plus (which we don't think had ads), £100 cash back, and free Buds FE that were actually worth £99. Not bad at all, so far as Black Friday Disney Plus deals go.

Be sure to check out the other Black Friday sales on offer while you're looking for bargains - there will be Black Friday board game deals floating around along with Black Friday Lego deals, not to mention Black Friday Pokemon deals.

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