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Black Friday 1440p monitor deals: game in QHD for less this year

Black Friday 1440p monitor deals
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Black Friday 1440p monitor deals are a fantastic place to start if you're looking to pick up one of the best gaming monitors without breaking the bank. A strong middle ground between high fidelity graphics (a a step up from 1080p) and high performance, combined with the best graphics cards it should be easier than ever to handle refresh rates above 120.

The 1440p / QHD resolution is probably your best bet if you're running a mid-tier machines; the last generation's top-end GPUS - like the RTX 2070 Super or 2080 - or this generation's mid-level cards (RTX 3060/3070) perform consistently well at 1440p, but 4K is often a little too much of a stretch. Get your GPU and your new higher-resolution screens working together, and you should get some great results with a decent balance between speed and visual performance. 

If you do need something a little more specialist - particularly if you're focusing on competitive multiplayer - then refresh rate should be your focus. With that in mind, you might want to check out our Black Friday 144Hz monitor deals too. If you're after the crispest possible screen quality, however, take a look at these Black Friday 4K monitor deals instead. And if you're still not 100% sure what you're looking for, these Black Friday gaming monitor deals are sure to give you the best idea of what's out there. 

Where will the best Black Friday 1440p monitor deals be?

Black Friday 1440p monitor deals are spread across the majority of the big online retailers, however, Amazon and Dell could be your best bet for finding the deepest discounts on the day given the former's reach and ability to offer vast stock, and the latter's gaming pedigree and mouse.


Amazon: Minor savings on the likes of BenQ, Gigabyte, and Sceptre panels
Dell: Right now you can save up to $230 on Dell 1440p gaming monitors
Best Buy: You can currently save up to $60 on MSI and Samsung displays
Walmart: LG UltraGear, Asus, and Deco 1440p panels are up to $130 off
Newegg: Save 24% off of Viewsonic, Samsung, and Gigabyte 1440p displays
Samsung: Save up to $100 on Dual 1440p/QHD Samsung gaming monitors


Amazon: You can currently save up to £110 on LG Ultragear 1440p displays
Currys: Right now you can get £130 off certain Samsung Quad HD monitors
Overclockers: Save up to 36% on Samsung and BenQ 1440p panels
Dell: You can currently save up to £219 on Alienware and Dell 1440p panels
Samsung: Low prices and regular deals on 1440p panels in all form factors

When will the Black Friday 1440p monitor deals start?

Black Friday is happening this year on November 26, but, as we've seen before, it's a lot more likely that the Black Friday 1440p monitor deals will begin in advance of this date, especially from the larger retailers. We must stress, however, that the best deals are often on the day itself, so we might encourage a bit of caution on the Wednesday, for instance, as a price could tumble further on the Friday. 

Black Friday 1440p monitor deals

(Image credit: MSI)

Black Friday 1440p monitor deals: What to expect this year

Amazon tends to hold some of the more substantial Black Friday 1440p monitor deals, especially if last year is any indication. Take one of our favorite gaming monitors, for instance, the Samsung Odyssey G7, which saw its historically lowest-ever price on last year's Black Friday sales event. It was reduced down to $599.99 from its current $799.99 asking price - a saving of $200! 

Newegg was also in the running for some of the better Black Friday 1440p monitor deals, too, as the Gigabyte Aorus CV27Q was selling for $370, for $90 off its MSRP. These are the kind of savings that you expect to make over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period on the more established brands but we always say that anything can happen so be prepared for likely deals, desirable deals, and the plain ridiculous - just to be sure. 

Black Friday 1440p monitor deals

(Image credit: Samsung)

Today's deals

Our price comparison software works day and night to bring you the best 1440p monitor deals ahead of the Black Friday and other winter sales events. 

As for what to look out for from specific 1440p monitors on the day, we highly recommend the Razer Raptor for its phenomenal picture quality and tidy in-built cable management. Similarly, the Samsung G7 is seriously hard to beat, if you've got the extra cash to spend. We understand that these particular panels could prove a little pricey for some, but there's plenty on offer at the other end of the spectrum with the likes of the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ that offers the same stellar 1440p resolution for a much more wallet-friendly rate with decidedly few concessions. 

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