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Black Cat becomes Night-Spider in Edge of Spider-Verse #3

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 art
Edge of Spider-Verse #3 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 arrives in September, but Marvel Comics is offering up a look at what's inside right now with a rundown of some of the stories appearing in the anthology issue along with the creative teams attached to each tale - and a little peek at some of the designs appearing in the issue as well.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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First up, Edge of Spider-Verse lead writer Dan Slott takes master thief Felicia Hardy in a new direction. In Edge of Spider-Verse #3, Slott turns Felicia into Night-Monk... check that ... Night-Spider, drawing on her long running romantic history with Spider-Man in the mainstream Marvel Universe for a Multiverse twist. 

Night-Spider's story is written by Slott with art from Sumeyye Kesgin, and a character design, seen here, by Kris Anka.

Then there's a story of a slightly different hero in the Spider-Verse, Samurai Deadpool. Not sure how she fits into Spider-Verse? Neither are we, but her creators Sanshiro Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi will bring her into the title after Samurai Deadpool's appearance in the stories Deadpool: Samurai and Deadpool: Black, White, and Blood.

Finally, Pavitr Prabhakar, the Spider-Man of India, returns in a story from author Nikesh Shukla, who makes his own Marvel Universe debut as a writer alongside a crew of artists including Mark Bagley, Paco Medina, David Baldeón, Gerardo Sandoval and Abhishek Malsuni.

Here's a gallery of art and pages from Edge of Spider-Verse #3:

Edge of Spider-Verse has been billed as the "end" of the Spider-Verse as readers have come to know the concept for the last several years, with the limited series scheduled to give way to a relaunched adjectiveless Spider-Man title written by Dan Slott with art from Mark Bagley.

Edge of Spider-Verse #3 is due out September 14.

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