BioWare makes up for Anthem demo woes by unlocking all four Javelins and gifting a free launch day skin to VIPs

It's no secret the Anthem game demo was having trouble over the weekend. Beset by infinite loading screens, latency hiccups, and server downtime, BioWare and EA were working round the clock to get players into the second demo for its open world multiplayer shooter, which has now gone offline before opening up to everyone again later this week. 

Naturally, many of those who pre-ordered the game or subscribed to EA Access to enter the demo weren't happy with what they ended up with, but BioWare has already come out bearing gifts as an apology for those affected by the technical problems. 

In an update from Chad Robertson, BioWare's Head of Live Service, the studio announced that VIP demo players would be receiving a second, free Vinyl skin for their Javelin to wear in the full game, in addition to the sexy blue Vinyl that early adopters already knew they'd be receiving as a thank you. 

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On top of this, BioWare unlocked all four Javelin classes to VIP players in the demo yesterday, where previously each one besides the Ranger had to be earned in-game through personal progression. If you weren't able to try out the other Javelins before the demo closed, don't worry, they'll all still be available to you in the open demo, which runs from February 1 - 3. 

It seems as though most of the critical issues prevent players from getting into the Anthem demo have now been sorted, though we'll see if EA's servers can manage under the weight of an even larger influx of players on Friday. You can keep up to date with the latest fixes and bug discussions on the EA Anwser's Anthem page

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