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Best custom amiibo the internet has to offer

Star Wolf by cheetimus

For when Star Fox feels a little too goody-goody. Source

Yarn Yoshi by NLighteNd1

Ten bucks says Nintendo nabs this design just before Yoshi's Woolly World hits shelves. Source

Dankey Kang by darkdreamr

The meme has spread into our world. There's no stopping it now. Source

Create new fun

While these awesome creations do a great job of showing off what inspired Nintendo fans can do, there are so many custom amiibo out there that it's impossible for one person to dig through them all. Is there a custom amiibo you know of that should be here? Do you love any of these too much to think about any others? Does anyone know where I can find an actual modified Wii Fit Trainer? Please, I'm desperate. Sound off in the comments below!

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