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Best custom amiibo the internet has to offer

Kitsune Luigi by chibisilverwings

Few artists could make this suit so well, and few characters could wear it with such dignity. Source

Green Marth by omikujii

There are few brave enough to try their hand at customizing an ultra-rare Marth amiibo, but this artist has no fear. Source

Zombie Pikachu by darkdreamr

Holy crap, this grizzly custom Pikachu even has a delicately carved exposed spine. That's some fine workmanship. Source

Kirby collection by Jermaine Cosca

I tried to pick just one of Jermaine Cosca's many Kirbys, but it's impossible to choose because they're all so good. Hey, one could even substitute for that Star Fox amiibo you'll never get! Haha oh now I'm sad. Source

Mr. L by chibisilverwings

True amiibo mastery means taking Luigi's bizarre planking pose and making it look badass. Source

Phazon Suit Samus by hoardandboard

This one may not be a perfect replica, but it's so awesome I stopped caring before I even finished this sentence. Somewhere around 'be'. Source

Cute Cosplay Pikachu by alltheapples

Or as I like to call it, 'Pretty-in-Pinkachu'. Source

Snake Kirby by meenarcas

At first I laughed, thinking this was a joke, then I cried realizing it was real and had already been sold. Source

Steampunk Yoshi by chibisilverwings

While some might be tired of the steampunk craze, for those who aren't, this Yoshi is quite the dapper gent. Source

Hoodie Mac by Zabashai

Win against Lil Mac? Not by the threads of his puffy pink training suit. Source

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