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Best custom amiibo the internet has to offer

Dark Peach by Luifex

Now with real grass! Source

Pink Pit by zugartdose

The day Pit did his own laundry, forever immortalized. Source

Ice Kirby by PixelCollie

Talk about brain freeze. Source

Female Villager by donizetty

Don't let those innocent eyes fool you, a demon lurks within. Source

Dark Samus by Chariflame

Here's a doppelganger you wouldn't mind having around. Source

Wire-frame Lil Mac by chibisilverwings

Float like a design spec, sting like a virus. Source

Daisy by omikujii

Though Daisy is relegated to a Peach recolor in Super Smash Bros, that doesn't stop artists like omikujii from making her look awesome. Source

Gold Captain Falcon by Custom Amiibo

The Captain Falcon amiibo might as well be made of gold, so that works. Source

I'd slog through the Couple's Mask quest all over again if this was the reward at the end. Source

Cranky Kong by crimsbacon

Back in his day amiibos were made out of sticks and rocks and he was grateful. Source

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