Best custom amiibo the internet has to offer

Players are artists

Saying that amiibo have been popular is probably going to be the official understatement of 2015, given that 2.6 million if these little plastic doohickeys have been scarfed up since their release in November (to put that in perspective, that's over 43,000 amiibo sold per day). In that time the amiibo airwaves have been overloaded with talk of shortages, retailer exclusives and $25,000 legless Princess Peaches. But there's also something creative and inspired coming out of the world of amiibo, something popping up on reddit and eBay that's much cooler than heinous scalping. It's the world of custom amiibo, figures altered by talented fans to feature alternate designs, new character concepts, sometimes new characters entirely. And from the looks of it, Nintendo has some very talented fans.

After scouring the internet for the best the custom scene has to offer, it's time I show you some beautifully made favorites, so you can appreciate the artistic souls who created them. Wait, you mean I can actually get my hands on a Phazon Suit Samus? Yes yes yes thank you!

Killager by chibisilverwings

We always knew he was up to no good. Source

Fire Mario by alltheapples

Our main man Mario is looking good in his Fire Flower getup. Source

Fire Flower Peach by Wootanime

But Princess Peach isn't about to be outdone. Source

Blue Zelda by omikujii

Why so blue, Princess? Source

Bob-Omb Kirby by crimsbacon

He's got a Bob-Omb!!!! Source

Gravity Suit Samus by Narpa Sword

I'll take this over double blasters any day. Source

Gangster Pikachu by onincognito

When you're a 'chu, you're a 'chu all the way. Source

It's not Zelda-official until Dark Link makes an appearance. Source

Dark Zelda by sylph689

Zelda's many details are an imposing challenge, but nothing this artist can't handle. Source

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