Resident Evil 7's Bedroom DLC started life as a version of Stephen King's Misery, complete with a book to write

Resident Evil 7's first DLC dropped last week and the stand out star was the Bedroom mission - a two room puzzle where you had to escape Marguerite while trying not to be caught out of bed (and you can get some Resi 7 Bedroom tips here if you're stuck). 

If the idea of someone trapped in bed and kept prisoner by a crazy lady sounds familiar then it's because director Koshi Nakanishi had a very obvious source. "The inspiration for ‘Bedroom’ comes from Stephen King’s Misery," he told GamesRadar+. 

I think we can all see the similarities. 

"Our original idea was literally that Marguerite would be forcing the player to write a novel," he explains. "You would select phrases to write and make up the novel text. She would read it and if she liked it she’d be in a good mood, but if she didn’t…let’s just say it wouldn’t end up well for the player." Nakanishi laughs at this point and considering all the stabbing and bug vomit in the final DLC you can probably imagine where that would be going. 

Aside from the book writing, the core part of the DLC would have still involved getting away, "when she was out of the room you would try to find a way to escape," says Nakanishi, however he finishes by saying "ultimately, the book-writing part was too complicated, so we abandoned that and focused on the escape concept.”

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