How to escape the Bedroom in Resident Evil 7's new DLC

Resident Evil 7's DLC has arrived and, with it, the Bedroom tape. You might need a few tips if you want to escape Marguerite's stabby clutches, so here's a guide on how to get out. 

The Bedroom is one long puzzle with freedom the prize at the end. The key to success is getting out of bed, solving some stuff and getting back into bed whenever Margueritte reappears so she doesn't realise anything happened. As long as you leave everything how she left it you'll be okay. If she notices anything out of place though, then horrible things will happen. Dying is only one of them. 

Let's get started... 

This is your starting view: a plate of something nasty, a spoon and a manacle. In case you haven't already guessed don't eat anything. It always causes damage. Grab the spoon, undo the wrist lock to leave the bed, and grab the lantern to get started. 

Here's what you need to do first: 

  • Open the first drawer you come to on the left to get a clue: 'The same time as all the other clocks.'
  • In a vase on the dresser you'll find a lighter.
  • DON'T TOUCH THE STUCK DRAWER. You'll get a message that 'a strong pull might open it' but you won't be able to close it and Marguerite will notice.
  • On the other side of the bed you'll find a clock. Interact with it to break of one of the hands, giving you a lockpick.
  • Open the Grandfather clock with the pick to reveal a painting.

Opening the clock will set it ringing and bring Marguerite running. You've got two choices here. You can push on with the next bit (you have time to do it before she arrives but it's tight) or you can go straight back to bed and play dumb when she comes in. 

The main thing is leave everything as you found it: hang the lamp up, put the manacle on. Make sure anything you opened or interacted with is back where you left it. Get it wrong and she'll throw bugs up in your face and you'll take damage. Do that too much and you'll die. She can also bolt the manacle meaning you'll need to use the spoon to unscrew it. 

Whether you wait or risk it, you now have access to three paintings: one on the wall opposite the bed. One on a barrel by the side of the bed (ignore the bugs and wine bottles for the time being) and one in the clock. Time to use them. 

  • The painting puzzle is easy enough: match the shapes to the outline on the wall to open the book and get the sewing needle.
  • Put the paintings back where you found them to avoid upsetting Marguerite later.
  • The sewing needle acts like a clock hand and will let you set the bedside clock to the same time as the grandfather clock (5pm). This will move the bed to reveal a door underneath and MAKE SO MUCH NOISE.
  • Reset the clock and the bed and get back into it.

When Marguerite comes back she'll have more food, a stove and a fork. Take the last two as they'll be useful. The fork has a symbol on it and, if you check the spoon, so does that. 

Once she's gone, get up and get ready. You should have a snake on the fork and an apple on the spoon. Mess about with the padlock and you'll find the combination to open it and access the second room. 

It should be this:

Once inside the new room do the following: 

  • Open the drawer nailed shut at the bottom of the wardrobe using the fork and grab the fuel. Combine it with the stove.
  • Go back into the original room AND SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU.
  • Take the painting away from the barrel to expose the wine bottles and bugs, and place the stove. Get ready to be quick here because once you use the lighter on it there will be noise.
  • Lighting the stove will burn away the bugs and pop a bottle. You can either grab the other bottle and rotate it to find the corkscrew now or after Marguerite comes to investigate. Either way put the painting back and jump into bead.

You're now ready to escape the room. The next time you get out of bed there'll be no turning back, so be ready. 

  • Once you have the corkscrew you can use it to remove the wall hooks and combine them to make a sculpture.
  • To access the projector read the note hidden in the jacket in the corner to find out about the knife taped to the wall behind the dresser.
  • Use the knife to open the projector and put the lantern in it.
  • On the nearest pedestal to the painting use the sculpture to active the shadow key on the woman's face.
  • On the pedestal nearer the projector use the fork to activate the shadow key on the snake.
  • Grab the snake key when the cage opens.

Marguerite will come back at this point. Use the knife to stab her and while she's on the floor trigger the clock to move the bed, use the key on the door underneath and get the hell out of there. 

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