Best Crocs Jibbitz in 2024

Crocs are meant for the most fearless of style pioneers … or at least those who like to have their feet feel really, really comfy. While this foamy footwear is the Marmite of the fashion world, Crocs are perfect for those who like to make a statement. With some help from the best Jibbitz, that statement that can something along the lines of "Hey, check out all my interests!"

If you're lost, Jibbitz are accessories for your Crocs that serve a similar purpose to pins. They have a peg at the back which can easily slot in and out of the holes at the top of the shoes, meaning you have practically infinite options when it comes to customizing your clogs.

With such a vast selection of Jibbitz charms for you to choose from, we at GamesRadar+ thought we'd save you the hard work and round up the best Crocs Jibbitz for fans of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pokemon.

Best Crocs Jibbitz for Marvel fans

Spider-Man and other Marvel characters leap into action

(Image credit: Marvel)

Spiderman slingback crocs, they are and blue with spiderman jibbitz on them

(Image credit: Crocs)

With great footwear comes great responsibility. Many people may try to tell you that these Spider-Man All-Terrain Clogs are not great footwear. We call those people cowards.

These uber-comfy sling-back Crocs sport a spectacular all-over design inspired by your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and come with matching Jibbitz. 

We've yet to see a Marvel hero whose costume includes Crocs, but I am holding out hope that'll change someday.

In the meantime, there are plenty of really super Marvel x Crocs collabs you can pick up to help you live out all your comfy caped crusader fantasies.

Fair warning though, I have thoroughly scoured the web for any sign of infinity stone Jibbitz and I'm devastated to report that they don't exist ... yet. Crocs, please get on that A.S.A.P.

The trgaic lack of Thanos things for your toes aside, here are some of the best Marvel Crocs Jibbitz we've come across. 

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Best Crocs Jibbitz for Star Wars fans

Star Wars logo on starry background

(Image credit: Walt Disney Company)

a pair of black crocs with Mandalorian Jibbitz on it

(Image credit: Crocs)

If you haven’t embraced the world of Crocs yet, it’s high time you came over to the dark side. It’s easier than ever to put together a Star Wars inspired clog ensemble thanks to the Mandalorian Shoe & Jibbitz Set.

A long time ago, in a far galaxy far, far away, people used to be stuck traipsing about in uncomfortable, overly practical-looking footwear. But no longer! We Crocs lovers refuse! We're like The Resistance but with clogs on, really.

Your options for decorating your Crocs with Star Wars charms are pretty expansive as Crocs has been making Star Wars collab shoes and Jibbitz since 2014.

There's even a line of cute chibi versions of characters like Chewbacca and Darth Vader. The Jibbitz below are the best of the bunch though.

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Best Crocs Jibbitz for Disney fans

Zootopia, Frozen, and Toy Story

(Image credit: Disney/Pixar)
Disney Crocs Combo

Toy Story woody themed Crocs with matching Jibbitz

(Image credit: Crocs)

Yeehaw! These Sheriff Woody Classic Clogs will make a rootin' tootin' addition to any Toy Story fan's wardrobe. 

Not only do these Crocs come with adorable mini cowboy hat and sheriff's badge Jibbitz, they also have Andy written on the right clog. Aww, is anyone else feeling a flash of nostalgia? 

Whether it's princesses or Pixar, it's hard to find someone doesn't have a soft spot for at least one great Disney movie. Crocs has heaps of Disney collab items to help you display your love for Disney, whether you're looking for a new pair of clogs or hoping to kit out existing ones.

Beyond being good for day-to-day wear, Disney Jibbitz can make an awesome addition to your Disney-bounding plans. 

Given that full cosplay is against the rules at the Disney parks, you can opt for a more subtle approach by instead popping on your Crocs and sticking on some Jibbitz of your favourite character. And with all that walking you'll do around the parks, you'll be glad to have some comfy shoes on.

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Best Crocs Jibbitz for Pokemon fans


(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Pikachu crocs featuring Pikachu jibbitz

(Image credit: Crocs / The Pokemon Company)

These Pikachu Classic Clogs have a shockingly funky design inspired by the most iconic electric-type Pokemon. Not only is Pikachu's sweet little face plastered all over them, they even come with extra Pikachu Jibbitz that can be mixed and matched with your other Crocs. 

The Pokemon franchise has been beloved among kids and adults alike for almost three decades. You'd be hard pressed to come across someone who doesn't recognise a Pokeball or at least one of the 1,025 creatures found in the Pokedex.

This is not only due to the Pokemon's popularity but also its ubiquity. This iconic property is just everywhere; it appears in games, anime, movies, plushies, and even footwear accessories.

Crocs officially partnered up The Pokemon Company in 2022 to produce a fun colorful line of clogs, slides, and Jibbitz.

While you can find a whole host of Amazon listings with third-party Pokemon Jibbitz for your Crocs, unlicensed Pokemon merch is some of the most prone to having bizarre, off-model designs. Almost every unofficial Pokemon Jibbitz pack I came across had at least one Pokemon that was either the wrong color or slightly the wrong shape.

These Jibbitz from the Crocs store not only have accurate designs and better quality materials but are also specially moulded to fit any sized Crocs shoe perfectly.

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Best Jibbitz for Crocs FAQs

Do Jibbitz work on fake Crocs?

Yes, most of the time. Counterfeit Crocs are usually designed to have very similar holes in the tops of them which Jibbitz can usually slot into just fine. That said, the dimensions of the holes on some fake Crocs may differ, which means that your Jibbitz aren't guaranteed to fit. 

Do Jibbitz fit in all Crocs?

Yes, Jibbitz fit in all Crocs. The obvious exceptions to this are designs that don't feature Crocs' distinctive ventilation holes. However, standard-sized Jibbitz fit in adult Crocs, kids Crocs, and toddler/baby Crocs. 

Can Jibbitz go on fluffy Crocs?

Yes, Jibbitz can go on fluffy Crocs. The fuzzy lining on fluffy Crocs won't get in the way of you customising them with Jibbitz. 

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