Battlefield 6 images and details leak on Origin ahead of reveal event

Battlefield 6 leak
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Numerous Battlefield 6 images and details have been found on Origin ahead of the game's reveal today.

Images and details for Battlefield 6 have been leaked ahead of its official reveal. Over on Reddit (via Okami13_), user Popygay rummaged through the EA Origin website code. That post has since been taken down, but according to the leaker, the game is titled 'Battlefield 2042' which would mean the game is set well before Battlefield 2142, which launched back in 2006. It could feature 7 maps allowing up to 128 players with each map providing unique experiences based on their natural environments. The leak also claims that the game will be launching on October 15.

The backstory for the game is apparently set in the future with the USA and Russia "at the brink of war" with specialists taking to the battleground. These specialists line up with an earlier leak that detailed the game's apparent campaign featuring a "group of individuals" being on the ground.

The leak claims that a Specialist system will be in the game and looks to be a replacement for the Classes system in which players could choose from assault, support, medic, and recon. Instead, this suggests that players will now have one specialty and trait with a loadout that is "fully customizable."

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The images show off quite a lot of soldiers wearing wingsuits and soaring through the sky. One soldier even has a digital eyemask and appears to be winking as they fly away from a tornado. Another image shows some explosive warfare taking place in a town with what looks like an oncoming sandstorm. There's also a city from atop a high-rise building, and a tank rolling through some muddy puddles.

Further digging seems to have unearthed the mention of an open beta as well as a Battle Pass system. This isn't the first case of images being leaked though, as back in May we saw images of some environments reportedly leak.

Of course, all of this hasn't been confirmed and you should take it with a grain of salt. We've already seen an earlier leak be confirmed as internal test footage that won't be shown in the official reveal trailer. If you're waiting to see the official reveal, that'll be taking place later today on June 9 at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST.

Here's how to watch the Battlefield 6 reveal event.

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