Battlefield 6 reveal event: What time is it and when to tune in

Battlefield 6
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The Battlefield 6 reveal event is due to take place today and you’re at the right place to see the next entry of DICE's online shooter franchise.

The first glimpse of Battlefield 6 is set to begin today, June 9, at 7am PDT / 10am EDT / 3pm BST. Actually, let us walk that back a bit. EA has said that the "live countdown" for the reveal event will begin then, so we could have to wait a little while longer before getting to see the actual reveal. 

Will it be a hosted event with interviews from developers and community members, leading up to the debut of a big exciting trailer? Will it be a countdown with a bunch of Battlefield stuff happening in the background, vaguely teasing some of what we're about to see once the countdown is over? Will it just be some numbers on the screen counting down to the URL for an ARG, which the community has to solve before EA and DICE will show us anything substantial? OK, it's probably not that last one, but hey, there’s only one way to find out and that’s by watching the Battlefield 6 reveal event later today. 

Even if the reveal event is a bit of a mystery, the game itself seems to already be more of a known quantity than EA and DICE would probably like. A set of screenshots leaked earlier this week that showed multiple images of a city as the site of a futuristic battle, with perspectives from soldiers on the ground as well as the pilot of a futuristic aircraft. Speaking of futuristic aircraft, it seemed to be one of the type we've seen in previous leaks.

If you’re not familiar with EA’s famous shooter seriers, Battlefield kicked off in 2002 with Battlefield 1942, which distinguished itself from other World War 2 themed shooters of its era with massive online battles that included infantry combat as well as battles in jeeps, tanks, airplanes, and even naval destroyers (also proto-helicopters and jetpacks, if you count the Secret Weapons of WW2 expansion). Since then Battlefield has become one of EA's flagship franchises, and with its 20th anniversary looming large next year, the pressure's on to make Battlefield 6 a worthy successor.

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