Battlefield 2042 has a new Community Charter that goes beyond the game

Battlefield 2042
(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield 2042 just got an official charter that players will be expected to abide by in the game and surrounding communities.

EA and DICE posted the Battlefield Community Charter on the official site for Battlefield 2042, laying out a set of plain-language rules and expectations for players. Failure to follow them could result in consequences ranging from temporary account restrictions to permanent termination of your EA account (and any other EA accounts you may happen to hold).

The good news for players who want to stay out of trouble is that they're all pretty common sense: treat other players how you'd like to be treated - aside from shooting at them in-game, anyway - avoid using cheats or exploits, don't share anything inappropriate, and don't participate in or encourage any illegal activities.

The charter is broadly worded so as not to just apply to in-game behavior: what you do in Battlefield-related spaces could also have consequences for your access to the game itself. Now, you probably won't have your account access restricted if you, say, get a speeding ticket -  unless you were streaming from your phone onto a big Battlefield Discord server and telling everybody how cool it is to drive above the speed limit at the same time. Then you might get in trouble.

The Community Charter will apply even when the Battlefield 2042 beta goes live next week, so make sure you're on your best behavior when you drop in to check out all the action.

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