Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage reveals new abilities for returning Battlefield 4 hero

Battlefield 2042
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New Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage reveals how Irish's approach to combat has changed since his last appearance in the Battlefield 4 campaign.

We already knew Kimble "Irish" Graves is captain of the Exodus, a ship which takes in "No-Pat" refugees from the many failing nations of 2042, and the new details provided by EA prove his humanitarian turn have made him anything but soft. 

Irish is an Engineer-class specialist who comes equipped with a Fortification System, letting him reshape the battlefield to his advantage either by setting up deployable cover (with a handy transparent part at the top for keeping eyes on the enemy) or a "Shootdown Sentinel" which takes down inbound explosives.

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In the gameplay footage, you can see how Irish's abilities can help him carve out a defensible position even deep in hostile territory - just as long as you don't let anybody flank you. Irish's special Trait is "Veteran", which gives him a base layer of armor and extra protection earned from downing enemies. Beyond that trait and gear, you'll be able to equip Irish with whatever weaponry and gadgets you like - just like all the other specialists in Battlefield 2042.

EA also offered an early look at Irish's "Battle Hardened" Legendary Skin, which you can unlock by pre-ordering the game. It brings in some of his look from the Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film, with a rain-blocking hood instead of a ballistic helmet, and changes out his clothes for a more classic (by 2042 standards) digital camo look.

We still have a while to wait until the full game arrives in October, but the Battlefield 2042 beta will give us plenty to chew on before then.

Official details are still scarce, but a leak indicates that Battlefield 2042 Hazard Mode may present a very different kind of online action for the long running series. 

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