Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film reveals a returning character from Battlefield 4

The new Battlefield 2042 Exodus short film welcomes back Irish from the Battlefield 4 campaign in a new role as the captain of a refugee ship.

The 9-minute CGI short centers on the former U.S. Marine and how he unwittingly finds himself at the center of a rapidly escalating conflict between the United States and Russia. The US and Russia coming to blows is nothing new for the Battlefield series, but here the unknown element is Oz, a mysterious figure who is attempting to unify "No-Pat" refugees from the many failed states of this grim near-future setting.

On top of bringing Irish back into the story - and confirming that 2042 will follow the same timeline that includes Battlefield 4 and its War of 2020 - EA has confirmed that Irish will serve as the fifth Battlefield 2042 Specialist character. Like all 10 Specialists who will be available at launch (including the lucky one who gets the wingsuit), Irish will come with his own unique gadget and trait, while players will be able to customize his approach with their preferred weapons, grenades, and secondary gadgets. Pre-ordering Battlefield 2042 will unlock a special Battle Hardened legendary skin for Irish.

It sounds like more Specialist stories in the vein of Exodus are coming to fill out the world of Battlefield 2042 in the future, but until then you can look forward to the Battlefield 2042 beta kicking off in September.

Before the beta, select players will have the chance to play the Battlefield 2042 technical test - and it looks like EA and DICE are already preparing for it to combat cheaters. 

Connor Sheridan

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