Batman: Arkham Knight gets two free skins as Rocksteady rings in the holidays

Batman: Arkham Knight
(Image credit: Rocksteady)

Batman: Arkham Knight was originally released in July 2015, but developer Rocksteady hasn't forgotten about it and is now giving out two free skins for the open-world superhero game. 

"You asked, and we couldn’t help but answer with a little gift just in time for the holiday season," the studio said on Twitter. "From today, all Batman: Arkham Knight players can access the Zur En Arrh and Anime Batman skins via a free update."

Given the lack of spiky hair and heavily inked muscles, I gather that the anime Batman skin is simply based on the hero's appearance in the old anime. The Zur En Arrh skin, meanwhile, refers to an alien warrior who also took up the Batman mantle and apparently enlisted the help of the Batman we know in a comic that was published nearly 40 years before I was born. Thanks, Google

Extra skins are always nice for superhero games, and Batman's got one of the richest outfit libraries in the business, but this free update was a total surprise given how old Arkham Knight is. Our best guess is that Rocksteady wanted to give the game a little shot in the arm now that it's available on next-gen consoles.

On PS5, it's part of the PlayStation Plus Collection, which lets PS Plus subscribers play some best-of PS4 games on PS5. You can also play it on Xbox Series X thanks to the system's focus on backwards compatibility. These outfits obviously won't impact the core gameplay in any way, but new skins are always nice, especially when they're free. 

Here's the full PlayStation Plus Collection game list that PS Plus subscribers get access to, provided they've been lucky enough to buy a PS5.  

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