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"Yawning after 10 minutes" – The internet reacts (and tries not to fall asleep) to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 7

 We’re inching ever closer to The Walking Dead season 8 mid-season finale, but does that mean it’s getting better? Our review calls the Eugene-centric episode “slightly better than expected,” but the internet, of course, is a harsh mistress, ready to unleash a torrent of overused GIFs and knee-jerk reactions at the click of a button. So, what did Twitter think of episode 7, Time for After? Let’s find out… but a spoiler warning is in effect.


The latest episode was a wild ride for everyone’s favourite coward. He’s probably an alcoholic now; he’s having Sasha flashbacks and he’s torn on whether to rat on Dwight. Oh, and he’s still talking his own unique brand of gobbledygook.

Rick in a Box 2: Rick Harder

The Rick shenanigans went up a notch this week. Not only is Jadis turning the photo tables on him by taking pictures of him in nothing but his boxer shorts, but he also managed to fight off a Mad Max/Pan’s Labyrinth hybrid Walker while his hands were tied. That’s without mentioning the trash people’s creepy sculpting fetish.

Our father who art in bed

Gabriel also appeared, albeit briefly and looking the worse for wear. The cause of his illness: zombie guts. Finally someone using the cheapest get-out-of-zombie-jail free card in the history of narrative devices is on the receiving end of some Walker sniffers. About time.

Go truck yourself

I haven’t even go round to Daryl’s audible on Rick’s plan. It involved, uhh, driving a truck really fast into a door. I can’t believe it took that long to come up with the plan, but here we are.

Is it time to tap out on The Walking Dead?

Hey, I liked it. I’m not quite hate-watching at this point – but some people felt very differently.

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